Seal and dog on beach share a sweet moment of snuggle


Something something horizontal video, something potatophone something.

I would worry abut the health of the wild animal before and after the encounter with the domestic dog.

Still friggin adorable.


I know that there are usually signs warning about keeping dogs away because seals can get some canine diseases – I think that distemper is one of the big ones.
Just watched it… Wow, people seem to really have trouble respecting laws protecting marine mammals.


I’m surprised the seal is so tame and approachable. The seals I’ve met would probably bite your hand off if you approached them like that on land.

Was anyone else expecting a singer and a bounty hunter snuggling on a beach?


Sea lions have an extra electron?


Yes, they were kind of ignorant of the fact that a threatened seal cold have chomped that dog pretty good. Oh well, I guess that it all turned out well. They had their moment.

exactly. I would not want my dog near a docile seal. That seal is likely not well.

Given that Canine Distemper Virus causes “Mass Die-Off” in seals, this isn’t adorable, this is horrible.

The marine mammal protection laws exists for good reasons. Hopefully that oddly lethargic seal won’t be a vector of anything too bad between mammals on that beach (such as that dog or its people) and the rest of the seal’s pod…


If you are going to violate the Marine Mammal Protection Act I wouldn’t recommend uploading the video to youTube.

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The tenderness came from the seal. It was obliviousness that the dog supplied. Maybe that’s how some couples are, but it didn’t seem very mutual.

Looks like a frightened seal pup was surrounded by scary humans and went to cuddle with the thing that looked the most like another seal pup for comfort.

But that’s just my opinion.


This and the squirrel + dog videos only further convinced that dogs can be the most chill people. Some dogs just aren’t impressed as we are by wild animals prancing around us like we’re in a Disney movie.

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We still think you’re cute man, no need to get edgy


It sounds like the humans are speaking not-English, so this may well have been shot outside the U.S.

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