Site tracks subreddits planning to go dark over Reddit's initial public enshittification

More like they only tested against Chrome, thinking it’s good enough to test for Safari as well. I see it among my colleagues in the front end world a lot, and honestly when I’m lazy I’ll do so as well. But Webkit isn’t Blink.

I honestly prefer Safari’s philosophy of putting efficiency first, and not supporting new features until the rendering can be done without draining the battery.


This is the answer. It’s true of many other sites as well. Even though Google has gotten increasingly crappy, using it to search other people’s sites is still generally orders of magnitude better than the internal search feature on said site. Internal search functions are still shockingly bad pretty much everywhere.


Reddit is experimenting on its users.

It makes me wonder why it’s more valuable to them for users to switch to the app. /s


FAFO commences.


How does going private cause stability problems? Surely subreddits that have gone private would get much less traffic than usual.

Or is Reddit bullshitting?

I’m guessing some query times are getting excessive. A lot more people are hitting now private groups

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Because the servers have to check whether the query comes from a member of the subreddit?

Yah. Plus, this early I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t full consistency yet, and getting contradicting results on groups causing crashing.

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I noticed a couple subs I hang out in were no longer in my Reddit feed so I searched for them, when I tried to read them I get a message about being private and wanting me to ask if I can join.

Is that part of the going dark thing? There were no posts in the groups leading up to this that that was the plan.

I’m going to wait a couple days and see if they come back but for now I guess I’m done with some favorite subs.

Oh well.

Yeah, setting subs to private is how they have been doing it.


I think the fear is that Reddit will take the popular subreddits away from moderators who are protesting and install new mods who aren’t anti-spez. By taking the subreddits private, they think it will keep the subreddits active, but just not visible.

I’m going to wait a couple days to see if they come back public before I go through the request to join process, don’t want to give the moderators more work then they need.

I just wish they would have given a heads up before going private, I was somewhat aware because of this topic and a couple news stories in my feed. I can only imagine all the people trying to figure it out or all the requests moderators are fielding right now.

Internal memo leaked. Spez is confident that it will all blow over, but warns employees not to wear reddit gear in public.


I just wonder how many are going to stay dark after that little missive. He needs to be brought down a few pegs.

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