Skeletal gown with dragon's tail/train


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Using the date limiter on Google Images, and looking at the early appearances of the image, I saw a reference to a “wildfox couture spine dress.” Although I didn’t see that dress on the wildfox website, they’ve done other skeletal dresses.


There have been so many times I’ve struggled to find out the origin of a photo, I’d love to see something like this.

Unfortunately the best place I’ve found to get some answers has been 4chan, of all places. That works even for non-porn images. <-- at least one of the images is tagged with that url, but I don’t have an account there, nor can I read Chinese.

I saw that too – but Weibo is a Chinese Twitter-alike, and there wasn’t anything else in Isaac’s account to suggest that s/he was likely to be the creator of the dress.

I don’t know why I took this as a challenge… I’ve definitely lost it in the translation, but after digging a bit with and ending up searching with baidu, my guess is this is a costume for a concert of sorts…

Looks like a Chinese or Taiwanese Singer, Mei wore that to a New Japan Philharmonic Performance by Joe Hisaishi …

Yes, I’d love to have a regular “Identify this Tumblr photo” feature. I hate going to repin something cool from my Pinterest feed only to discover it’s a Tumblr repost of a repost of a repost that came from nowhere.

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It’s not precisely his core business, but I bet Bacchus would take on the project for his usual modest retainer

Update: Oops. I see jasonjayr beat me to it. Good work, that man!

The Taiwan connection may well be correct.

On this page I found the images with a watermark on the bottom right, where it’s all pixelated on other versions:

The URL in the watermark is

You can’t browse the blog without a Weibo account, which may be why Google didn’t find this particular image there.

She favors that sort of skeletal imagery, and really knows how to put on a show.


It might be right, but you’ve misspelled her name. If it’s A-Mei, then you would want to refer to her either as Chang Hui-Mei (her formal name in Chinese), A-Mei (her stage name / name by which most of us Mandopop loving souls call her), or Amit (her name in her people’s own language–A-Mei is of the Pinyunaman group, who are Taiwanese indigenous people)

Is Chang the Taiwan romanization of 張? I’m used to Zhang, but always get tripped up with the awkward spellings when trying to render characters into alphabet in the various systems.

[Lame Daenerys Targaryen reference.]

A) Don’t care.

B) Want!

C) Both A and B.

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