Some people can hear this GIF


Is that Donald Trump getting cut loose by his Russian handlers, and falling on his ass?


This was circulating a while back.


Oh my! On this one I can actually hear ♪♫ We will… We will… Rock you! ♫♪




Now I hear it too!


You know Natasha, some days you eat Moose, some days Moose eat you.


That effect is very interesting. If a band is about a football field away and you watch someone crash the symbols, you see and hear it at the same time, even though they are about .3 seconds apart - easily long enough for you to detect that they are separate. Up to a certain distance, you brain synchs the audio for you, but past some point you notice the separation.

I think some of us are more aware of the distinction between sensory input and the processing of that input than others. I’m with you. I experience what I would likely experience if I were hearing the sound, but I know I’m not hearing it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some other person basically has the same parts of their brain doing the same kind of thing while watching the gif, but they would say they “hear” it.


I can tell the reason I seem to “hear” it is because of the bit where the image appears to shake: when my eyes see the image appear to vibrate upon impact, my inner ear (which handles vibration & balance inputs) goes completely haywire-- it assumes that the shaking my eyes see is also a vibration I can feel via my ears, which then leads to my brain thinking it hears it, too!

tl;dr: apparent visual input–>apparent vibratory/balance input–>apparent auditory input


Thank you for a most enjoyable typo.


At risk of sounding snarky, I am aware of the silence.

I.e. even though I know it’s a silent animation, at some level my brain still expects the sound and is surprised not to hear it.


How dare you malign the good name of the kind-hearted Bullwinkle J. Moose!


Posit: people who pronounce it “Gif” can hear it, people who pronounce it “Jif” can’t.


Brother, it’s a gif. So if you hear it, you’re imagining it! To be clear, I could definitely hear/feel it as well…


Whoa! I can ‘hear’ that! That’s whack!


That’s even crazier: I can ‘hear’ both the bass and something like the snare!


Mmm, peanut butter! Lol, whut? Can’t hear ya!


I hear the thuds in my head, but it doesn’t feel like they’re in my ear. I’ve experienced audio hallucinations before, usually when I’m extremely tired and on the threshold of sleep unconsciousness, and this sensation isn’t that “real”, it’s closer to the sensation of having an earworm stuck in my mind’s ear after the actual sound is gone. I imagine for some it’s closer to an audio hallucination. I can’t decide if I envy them or not. I like having reliable sensory information, but it would be kind of cool to “hear” a visual image.


I’m just catching up on the original Twitter thread now; apparently this is the part of my inner middle ear that’s going haywire, there’s actually a muscle there and it’s flinching every time my eyes tell it to expect a “thud”!


That’s what I also felt, but on the morning of November 8th last year.


No no no, I correctly pronounce the image file format “jif,” and I sorta heard it.

Yes, I said correctly, and I stand by the guy who invented the format and has acknowledged this as fact. :slight_smile: