Sports team sportsing badly gives Steve Ballmer a very bad case of the sads


Are we sure he was reacting to the game?


I don’t begrudge Steve Ballmer his billions of dollars. I mean, hurrah for him. But if a Scrooge McDuck size vat of money at home can’t insulate you from this kind of emotional trauma, what’s the bloody point?


You know what the Clippers need?

Dribblers, dribblers, dribblers, dribblers!


Whatever the point may be, I doubt if it would optimally be to make the use of money a personal/emotional problem.


The emotional trauma is the point!


Hey, at least he’s the owner and has an actual reason to react this way. I’ve seen plenty of fanboys react the same way when ‘their’ team looses.


Ah come on - you go to a sports event specifically in order to get emotionally invested in a thing that has zero real-world impact. The whole point is to get irrationally exuberant when ‘your’ team is up, and irrationally distressed when they’re down. He was doing it right.

And I love how expressive he is in his emotion - there’s one executive you know isn’t a psychopath.


Ballmer may not be a psychopath but based on the testimony of several friends who have worked at a high level within Microsoft, others acquainted with him through family members and my own personal encounter with him in a grocery store a decade ago he may very well be a sociopath. (CEO has been cited as one of the top career positions attracting sociopaths) This article will give you further insight into this Uber wealthy gem of a human being-

The talent to accumulate great wealth is rarely found in persons of wisdom and good character.

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Oh, look. Someone doesn’t like sports. You forgot “sportsball”.


I love sports.

Yeah but these fanboys never just keep it to the games they go to, or around the couch where they are watching the game while eating hot wings and pizza. They make everyone else fucking suffer.

BTW, I like going to an occasional sportsball game but some people take it way too far.

Every time an Angel gets it’s wings, the world gets a new Ballmer meme.


Hah. I came in to comment on this too. Because people are passionate about things that we don’t like, we can mock them? I mean, I’m no Ballmer fan, particularly, but he owns the team, why shouldn’t he be emotional as hell about it?

Not to mention - they went on to win that game, and then won game 7 in a very close game as well… And yes, he is feeling better after that game 7 win:

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