Sriracha, yowza, and sheeple among 300 new words in Scrabble dictionary

Now that’s my kind of Scrabble!
Bluff until someone yells “Challenge. Get the Dictionary! Get the Dictionary!. No way is that a word” You can’t do that in Online Scrabble though which is sad.

Apparently it was also a radio catchphrase in the 1920s.

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Would it at all help to know that Scrabble isn’t a word game? It’s a math game where the valid plays are permutations of letters that appear in the Scrabble dictionary (or a different source agreed upon by the players). It is only a word game in as much as one can use their knowledge of the language to help memorize or intuit valid permutations.

The fact that you deem some of the permutations in the Scrabble dictionary as “not words” is irrelevant to the playing of the game. It’s probably more apt to say that you would not agree to play a game with the Scrabble dictionary as a source.

For what it’s worth I agree that some of the “words” in the Scrabble dictionary shouldn’t be there, but not because they’re not words. Za (short for pizza?!) and Qi (a non-English word) are permitted as well, but I’m guessing they were only added to keep Scrabble relevant in the age of Words With Friends which is intentionally permissive in its permutations so as to draw a wider and younger audience. This in turn increases their monetization.

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Those had been in SOWPODS (discussed above) for years before getting into TWL though. Blame the loons in the UK for those. I don’t mind QI as it is an easier Q dump than QAT.

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Wow, the Scrabble thread got pruned.

There must be a word for what I’m feeling…


That’s exactly my point about WWF.


Fixed. Thanks. :wink:



I known the scorn I felt when reading all the needless snobbery was almost Brobdingnagian.




Disagree. Q is a replacement for the arabic voiceless uvular plosive (ق) which is distinct from K. Eg. Koran is less correct than Quran.


I bow to superior wisdom; on the other hand, words incorporated into English do tend to lose the subtleties of native pronounciation…
(I still think there’s a significant problem for Scrabble with those words, but that’s a different issue.)

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