Steve Wozniak wants you to support Mayday.US and get money out of politics

Save the glittery gif post for your facebook.

Why do you revel in willful ignorance and baseless, pretentious assumptions instead of espousing your plans? I don’t have a Facebook account. There was no glitter within the image and it was a jpeg, not a gif. Why continue to desperately distract from your plan?

So you fully agree with the supreme court that money = speech?

How about you start telling me what you agree with or not? Then we might start to know what your plan is?

You claimed to have a plan. A “Starve The Beast” plan. Were you lying?

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I quite like the video, but doesn’t Wozniak have $100 million? If he really thinks that raising $5 million dollars could save the country I can think of a few million places to start.

I don’t pretend to be explaining something, while I am condescending, because that would be pretentious. I also enjoy pointing out pretentious rhetoric, and long walks on the beach.


to elect lawmakers who’ll promise

I think I have detected the possible flaw in this plan.

What’s your plan?

Again, that’s a game that can not be won.

I am starting to understand how little people grasp the wealth disparity in America.

I am starting to understand how little people grasp the wealth disparity in America.

So far you only seem to grasp how inferior everyone else is to you and offer nothing more than simplistic platitudes on top of your derisive mansplaining sprinkled with pretentious, baseless assumptions of others.

Surely you have a superior plan. Why not get to the meat of your intentions and explain your plan instead of continuously pursuing mindless, insulting distractions that include telling everyone how brilliant you are?

If you don’t tell it soon, I’m going to think you really don’t have one. At all…

I’m calling your bluff.

I just want you to know that I take absolutely no joy in pissing in your cornflakes. In fact, it pains me to do it but you know in your heart (of hearts, even) that it’s good for us both. Whatever you do don’t think critically and gravitate toward knee-jerk emotional responses.

I also think bridges make great roofs and I would love to charge a toll to anyone walking on my house.

Exactly. Even if you’re on the ground and the bully is about to pummel you into unconsciousness, the ONLY thing to do is fight.

You cannot but help give them money. When corporations get so giant they buy up all the other businesses in the market.
Most money ends up back in the hands of a handful.

I wondered about that myself. Perhaps it’s to get a people-thing going, rather than a single man stepping in to claim to save the day.

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Seriously, what is your proposed alternative? When you say starve the beast, how exactly do you see that going about?

Doing nothing will only make the situation worse, and when you jump into a discussion and shit on it without offering constructive feedback, that is what you advocate. I’m damned tired of that.

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I am not a US citizen and I can’t contribute to Mayday. If you are, I
hope you will consider giving to the campaign, and throw in a couple
extra bucks for me.

I am not a US citizen either. What (in practical terms) can I do? If I were legally permitted to give money they’d have my money right now. There must be some way I can contribute.

Can I give by proxy (ie. give to a citizen that then gives to the PAC) or is that a no-no?

I hate that attitude. Your problems are yours to help fix, not something someone else is going to fix for you.

Seriously, if you can’t be bothered to give way less than the price of a night drinking to this PAC then why should Wozniak be left to pick up your bar tab?

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Its called stop buying and borrowing. You don’t “need” all those things.

This system can’t be fixed. There are no easy answers. It has to be rebuilt anew.

Trying to fix it within the rules wealth has built for itself only prolongs that day from happening. Hopefully it won’t take a complete economic collapse for it to reach that point.

What, like petrol, groceries, medicine, broadband…? and a tonne of other commodities that’re owned by gigantic cartels down the complex company chain, so long the connections aren’t even obvious).
You can keep your hermit hippie cabin in the woods mate. I’d rather fight dying for a proper future against psychopathic leeches that’d soon as piss on you as pay you.


You need food and medicine, the others are luxuries. At least accept that neo-feudalism is not for your benefit, but for those who sell you standard of living with an interest rate. You are allowed the choice of what your land barons share. Or how much land you decide to sharecrop.This system is not for the benefit of those without anything to charge an interest rate for, though. Thats why your only real choice and vote is where you spend your time and money. The politics are just for entertainment.

Still not really getting it are you? Let me simplify. If you spend any money at all you’re “feeding the beast”. It doesn’t matter where you spend it, it filters back to the few. Your master plan of detachment is simply turning your back while the “beast” grows.

From where we stand, you look a lot like Monty Python’s Black Knight.


But bitcoin will save us!