Surfer bros defend Bird Scooters at a city council meeting

So many of these things are already e-waste in the Bay area…


do you mean the scooters, or the surfer boy millennials?


I have an issue with the businesses. Their only local labor is paying people to do a scavenger hunt to find them and recharge them at night. The whole tech industry’s premise of disrupting the labor market to make a quick buck is becoming increasingly irritating.



That was mean, but funny.

That said, I never deign to refer to human beings as ‘things.’


To the extent that this comedic duo appears to be performatively self-aware, their civic activities are probably the best thing to come out of the Bonfire of the Scooters, which is an admittedly dismally low bar.

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The scooter situation in SoCal is dire and could be linked to depression.

The article you cite does not support your claim that “these kind of rental scooters are sometimes the only affordable form of independent transport for young people”. It does support the claim that kids break the law to ride these scooters because they are fun, because they don’t want to ride their bicycles, and that they don’t wear helmets because it messes-up their hair.

Yup. Can confirm, have hit self in balls with child’s stupid fucking scooter. She thought it was hilarious. i still haven’t forgiven her.


“We have since lost touch.”

The build to that and execution were utter perfection.

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Dudes! Before watching this vid I was totally against the Bird Scoots. But ya know what? Their rippin’ speeches flipped me, and I’m gonna scoot into the future from here on out. These dudes are so pitted!

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Hate me too. I just laughed out loud. :smiley:

I think scooters are a great idea, and I plan to buy one as soon as they build scooter lanes in my town. Obviously, as a matter of safety and traffic flow they shouldn’t be ridden on the road, in bike lanes, or on sidewalks.

I haven’t seen the disaster here in LA that some people are bitching about. I think I’ve only seen one scooter next to a curb that was knocked over, the rest have all been respectfully parked next to the curb. I’m guessing the pain points are at pretty specific locations that I happen to not frequent.

They are explicitly permitted in bike lanes in CA along with motorized skateboards. They are faster than the average bike speed, so why not?

Here in Honolulu they are officially classified as mopeds, and while mopeds are supposed to be driven in bike lanes where available, they are prohibited from “protected” bike lanes.

So’s a Ferrari, but you’re not allowed to drive one in a bike lane.

That is a issue I hadn’t thought about. I didn’t know they paid folks to run around and try to charge them. That’s not so good.

Well sure, but you would have a hard time getting a Ferrari to fit in the lines of the bike lane.

These kids are the perfect antidote for the depressing world of politics today.

I would love to hear their 4:20 score, and seven beers ago… speech.

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