Test of AmazonBasics gear finds many dangerous items

I forgot to add that the one I used was probably sulrpus from UK 101FC Vampire mobile radio station:

It’s the gray box with two handles in one of the photos.

I’ve had several shredders that have had this problem. Normally, when I tear it down, it’s because there is either a mechanical or optical switch to turn it on or off, and there is a tiny tear of paper stuck to the switch. A lot of times you can get rid of the bit of paper, reassemble the shredder, and it will work as good as before. Sometimes shredding a couple of pieces of copy paper will fix it for you, depending on the switch design and how it is recessed.

I would always suggest turning off any shredder or unplugging it before leaving it unattended. (A switched surge strip can make “unplugging” it easier if it doesn’t have a switch.)

TL/DR: Shredder Switches are very often designed in a way that they are jammed by small bits of paper, such as those generated by the shredder.

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