The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

For me the key here is that so few of them have much of the “day job/admin” in the timeline. When I was younger I could work my day job and still be up till midnight working on artistic pursuits, but eventually the day job starts tapping all your energy.

I don’t know if they are apocryphal, but the stories of Balzac having himself chained to the desk and drinking olympian amounts of coffee are pretty wild, so much so that in grad school friends and I referred to really crushing marathons of sleep deprived work as “pulling a ballsack.”


DAY JOB!!!? The work these people did was their day job and they changed the world.

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I read a biographic essay on Charles Darwin that talked about the phenomenon of “parson naturalists”, who collected lots of information about flora and fauna which they regarded as evidence of benevolent divine providence. Darwin was able to draw on this abundant information.


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