The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


She showed up for a mayoral debate, and was escorted out by security.


No, you’re the problem Tucker.


Fucking scum of the Earth.


Not that I don’t think there’s such flagrant hypocrisy in the evangelical community, but that’s a mighty high fucking number.

48% of the people who were polled?

Sure, especially if you target a specific demographic and purposely slant the poll so that it skews towards the results you want.

All that said, I am sick of some people’s false morality.


"…Graham wasn’t finished melting down. After being approached by a protester outside the Ford hearing who told him her experience of having been raped, Graham—large-hearted humanitarian that he is—reportedly replied, “I’m sorry. Tell the cops.”

“And you wonder why Republicans were worried about having to question Ford directly.” -Splinter


Old news while I was hunting Mel Sembler.

Damnit! Stop doing that! For all that the right belly-aches about George Soros, if I was to point out all the 0.001%ers supporting right-wing causes, I’d have to answer police questions about where all those extra fingers came from.

The right’s “answer to George Soros” is a bloody Mongol Horde of rich assholes!



To paraphrase Kryten, I do hope he has in import licence for that thing on his head.


So, Kanye West – after delivering a pro-Trump rant on SNL – tweeted a photo of his MAGA cap and called to abolish the 13th Amendment… y’know, the one ending slavery. I’d say he’s a gross troll as well as the very definition of a Trump-Inspired Asshole.


I know separating the artist from the art and all that but fuck all if give him any money now.


Unfuck Kanye, the punk-ass attention whore.


Exactly. And I’m still hearing some folks saying, “B-but he’s still such a brilliant musician and visionary artist!”

Yeah no. He’s a clown.


Momentarily giving Kanye the benefit of the doubt…

He appears to be attempting to attack this part of the 13th:


…which is a completely legitimate critique.

Of course, by doing it in cahoots with the Trumpists, he’s actually working towards the reintroduction of generalised slavery.


He did in fact clarify, later on, that he wanted to “amend” the 13th to fix that specific part. Which is indeed confusing wording, though it’s generally thought to have not been a contributing factor towards mass incarceration. But his headline-grabbing tweet was the one calling for the 13th’s abolition in the context of rooting for Trump.


At my most charitable, I’d say he’s just a fool not worth paying attention to.

Before I noticed that he’d started bonding with Trump, I’d actually started getting into his early stuff.



He gets it wrong obviously, but I THINK he’s trying to say that we should end the provision of the 13th that allows for slavery as a punishment for crimes… I think that’s what he MEANS, but that’s not what he’s saying.

I do know that his wife has been dipping her toes into prison activism, and has at least twice now gone to the white house on behalf of black women in prison.

[ETA] That’s what I get for posting prior to reading the whole thread… @Wanderfound (JINX) made this same point, and Kanye… sorry YE later confirmed that’s what he meant… Trump is the wrong guy for that, I’ll tell you what.


Reading Breitbart is such a great tip-off for creepy dark money organizations. They have a story on a “poll” from Judicial Crisis Network, claiming “Poll: Heitkamp, Manchin in Trouble as Constituents Want Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed”.

Snort! Judicial Crisis Network has been pouring money into advertising, trying to buy Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Their “poll” is probably worth snot.

The Judicial Crisis Network, as of July 23, 2018, has spent $5.3 million to replace Justice Kennedy following his retirement, more than it announced it was going to.[10] $3.1 million of that has gone to TV ads, as of July 2018, targeting (money spent per state) North Dakota ($673,060), Indiana ($509,250), West Virginia ($449,380), and Alabama ($257,150). JCN has said that it is prepared to spend $10 million or more on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.[11]

One of the ads is focused on pressuring Democrats from areas which tend to vote conservatively to support Kavanaugh’s confirmation, claiming that those Democrats are “taking marching orders” from liberals, such as the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer.[12]

Following the accusation from a California professor that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school,[13] JCN re-upped their support for the nominee. "We are not going to allow a last-minute smear campaign destroy a good and decent man who has an unblemished personal record,” the organization said in a statement.[11]

They’re not even non-profit. Apparently they are, but I can’t find their EIN. Oh, and this, naturally:




Lord, he must be on a fitness walker. He’s doing so much sidestepping he should be thirty miles out of town already.


This just in. All Republicans are terrible people.


And he doesn’t care. He’d much rather curry favor with the party in power than to make an actual stand.