The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Uh huh. He’s gonna be a yes.

I feel sick, and it’s not even my country.


Doesn’t appear to be ours anymore either.



Seems as good a place (or not) for this as any.

Some pundits call Bolsonaro a “Tropical Trump” because of his large social media following, pugnacious demeanor and multiple wives. Steve Bannon, the U.S. president’s campaign guru, has likewise advised Bolsonaro.


This just in: women don’t have the endurance to be on the judiciary committee.

It all makes sense now.


Fixed it for him.

He makes it sound like anyone who wants to can knock on the door and be admitted, but the poor dears just can’t handle the workload. The truth is that the parties auction off the committee seats to the people with the most party donations earmarked in their names. Could it be that the Big Old Money Republican donors tend to be a bit misogynist?


Kinder, Küche, Kirche.


A women’s group. Um, I didn’t think they’d be so pangender accepting. (Those women just look like men, right?)

One of the groups behind the “Women for Kavanaugh” is Concerned Women for America, funded by KochBros and others. (But not paid protestors, no no.)

On the plus side, their 2011 advert looks like it just needs a little dusting off for this administration.


A thread re: Charlottesville and the Amtrak attack.


I had to look that one up… I thought perhaps you meant they’d solved the 1995 derailment.



But who cares? Kavanaugh’s life is literally ruined!


Hm. Another Republican positioning himself, without actually declaring, for presidential 2020.

Needs a job in 2020, so why not? Playing the Voice of Reason.

“The whole process — look, it’s both sides,” the outgoing Republican governor and former presidential candidate said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “A pox on both houses for the way this was conducted. And people in the country are appalled. That’s because it’s like, I got to win, and you got to lose.”

Yes, WWII was like that too. Both sides eh?

It seems to me that when one party has been playing a scorched earth long-game non-cooperation policy for over a decade, it’s a bit, mmm, hypocritical to say “a pox on both houses”, especially after Garland.


Kasich is full of shit on par with Flake. Fuck him and the future he thinks he has.


I mean, he was made to feel uncomfortable for like… a whole week or something! /s


I feel like this guy (Four term state Rep and Republican Duane Quam) fits the bill for this thread…

I love his excuse: “I respect Jamie and my actions at last night’s forum did not reflect that,” he told the Post-Bulletin. “Unfortunately, my nerves got the best of me with our timed responses and I was not as graceful as I should have been while we shared the microphone. My sincere apologies to Jamie and I look forward to continuing a positive campaign.”

You are a four term Rep…why do you still have nerves about a debate!!!


Must be the presence of all those women that intimidated him into nervousness.

[Debate was hosted by League of Women Voters.]


#bebest indeed.


After Trump was allowed to prance about the stage while the other person was speaking, moderators should be enforcing debate rules with napalm, or at least exile to the parking lot.


“Stephen Miller’s 3rd Grade Teacher Calls Him ‘A Strange Dude’ Who Ate Glue” -HuffPo

Well, ok then. Class dismissed kids.


Grifter gonna grift.

Just because his image is anti-Trump, doesn’t make him a hero. Competition’s just too stiff on the right-hand side of the aisle right now, is all.