The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


That asshole’s on the move again.

As a Randoid Dominionist, I doubt he’d know a free market if it bit him.



Because liberals are the real racists



When filling out a page for people or groups, I usually grab the lede from Wikipedia. Sometimes I can’t resist adding some snark. When you see it…




Sure is nice of these idiots to provide their own positive IDs for when the 3 people who were beaten feel OK enough to press charges.

As for the “patriot”, I hope he enjoys his time behind bars, too. That’s a direct incitement to violence.


In this day and age, that would only apply to a POC resisting racism.


We’ll start with this (no idea why this isn’t oneboxing):

Move on to this:

It’s a small start, but it’s giving me some hope that justice can be served.

[edit] In case the connection isn’t clear, it’s video of the incidents that lead to the convictions.


Referring to the “Incitement” part, not so much the outright documented physical violence. Hard to picture a Trumpian being hauled up on charges for inciting, when the Dear Leader does little else with his time.


And yes, if there is no video, the POC is always guilty. As I said elsewhere, not a big fan of the universal surveillance culture we are developing, but it does make it a bit harder for the worst of the worst of this to get away scot free.




Honestly, I’d rather they find each other than someone else.


make america grate again





Fecking Hell.

And most white Americans wonder why black people find it hard to trust cops.


Unfuck Kasich; all my peeps back home have nothing good to say about him.

Considering there was a data breach on day one, I have to wonder if that wasn’t just a brilliant bit of real life trolling…