The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


They had their “rally” today. It looked pretty wet and miserable, and the weather was bad too. It was hard to estimate numbers due to all the umbrellas.

#fakewalk would be more believable if their supposed Democrats didn’t all sound like they’d swallowed enough Red Pills to warrant a life-saving jab with Naloxone.


#WalkAway is the blatantly obvious GOP-manufactured campaign; it doesn’t have any real traction.

#DemExit is the hashtag for the authentic left rejection of the Dems.


And also apparently a vanity project for that guy… WTF is wrong with the world?


I’m surprised that they managed to get that many Trumpistas to show up.



A synagogue gets attacked, people of Jewish faith die, and somehow it’s such White special snowflakes who are the “real victims.”


I wonder when Americans will realize just how trashy it is to deflect your deficiencies with military service?


I’m sure BB will catch up to this lovely thing on Monday.

From HuffPost:

The FB posts:


Makes me want to buy some Campbell’s soup now.

And before anyone says eww it sucks. My grandmother used to make a soup for her 6 girls. They called it halloween soup. One can chicken noodle. 1 can tomato. 2 cans vegetarian vege soup. Add water and soup pasta (like acini). It’s actually very comforting chilly weather soup.


What the actual fucking fuck?
Do these people really think this shit? (Yes yes they obviously do)
Goddamn that is some drive in theater level projection they have going on there.




What racist white lady name will she get? “Tow Truck Tina”?


Thread idea: “If you were a racist with a phone, what would your name be?”


Parking Lot Penelope


Nailed it!


How long before it becomes a well known fact among these asshats that if the phones come out they are screwed? These people are not hiding the fact that they are recording these events. Folks are losing employment and standing over just not being able to restrain their inner racist asshole. Not that they stop being racist assholes if we don’t have to see it, but maybe make the lives of our friends in oppressed groups’ lives a little less stressful if they just keep their festering gobs shut.


The sisters said they couldn’t believe this happened only because of the color of their skin. I would only add that I think that copious amounts of alcohol were also a factor too.

She is clearly freaking plastered and NOT fabulous at all in any way shape or form.


“Beautiful, hot, White…”

Only one of those adjectives is even close to being accurate.


I agree that aside from the obvious demo of racism, she seemed to be even more emboldened because she was zooted… but I wouldn’t necessarily wager that it was merely alcohol that she overindulged in…


I love the comments about some kind of wholesale (and completely manufactured) “white backlash”.

Almost as if this doesn’t systemically happen to brown and black people all the damn time.