The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Where the fuck did dude get that crazy-ass idea from?


Jeff Jacoby

It’s better than it was, so poof! largely non-racist.


Must be nice to wear privilege goggles all the time.


Different, yes. “Better” is debatable.


Even with that, it takes a special gift to whitesplain to the victims of racism that American is largely non-racist now.


it takes some pretty big willful ignorance.

I am about as pasty white as you can get and it is fucking obvious racism is alive and well.


Because he entirely misunderstands the nature of racism? Also, cause he’s white and a man, and if HE doesn’t see it, it must not exist?


Another MLK verbal “slip up”.


And just maybe he didn’t have a history as well as he owned the fuck up to and didn’t go with a sorry you were offended nonpology like the other guy. That makes a whole lot of difference.

That said St. Louis, privileged white guy… not at all surprised here.


Oh, I know; I’m just gob-smacked by such immensely oblivious audacity.


Of course! I think it’s always a good idea to say it out loud, for those who continue to doubt white privilege… which seems to be quite a large number of white people…



Did you see the nonsense Laura Ingraham spouted about minority privilege regarding AOC?

Like, just how delusional ARE these fuckers?!?!

Do they still believe in absolutely irrefutable things like fire being hot, water being wet, or gravity?

(That may be overly hyperbolic, but I really have to wonder, given their apparent total detachment from reality…)


Pretty fucking delusional… I’m still trying to understand how Ingraham still has a damn show, tho.


Weird how it’s only ever affluent White folks (usually men) that have such a “slip of the tongue.”


That they’re all weather forecasters is even more weird. He will not be the last.


“Once is happenstance…”


The guy also makes the argument that white people can simply be better actors than other races or disabled people, and therefore their white washing is fine. So it’s the blind leading the blind.


Ingram: So, when you can’t debate a point, you throw back “white privilege, you can’t understand,” and then there’s nowhere for that person to go. You shut down debate.

Because facts are facts. They’re not up for debate.


Yet they still try to gaslight and mindfuck people with flagrant attempts to deny reality; like ‘alternative facts’ and “truth isn’t truth.”