The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Newly released video footage appears to show members of the far-right group The Proud Boys charging and fighting a group of protesters on a New York City street in October — and not the other way around, as the group had previously claimed.

No way! /s

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So you are claiming white supremacist nazi assholes are also liars? Color me shocked!!


Consequences are for the little people.


Mr Cvjetanovic, a 20-year-old former University of Nevada student is thought to have gained a place to study a master’s in political theory at LSE. Details on a Twitter account in his name appear to confirm this.

Surprise, surprise.


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What next? Secret Service? Park Service? Every Government Agency?


Collin Peterson (D?) MN
Washington, DC Office
2204 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2165
Fax: (202) 225-1593

Give him a call and ask him what team he’s playing for.


Wow. Just wow. It’s like the actual meaning of words does not matter anymore.


Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that. /s


He should go back to teaching at high school.


"These promises are old promises and they invariably lead to bad things.”


Et tu, Ben Stein?



New game show: Shoot Ben Stein and Take His Money. :running_man::gun:


I’d watch that!


LOL Stormy wants to loan her balls out to Cohen:


What the fuck is “false personation?”


Sounds like they’re trying to say she’s not even human, let alone female.


I hope she wins.


that guy’s fifteen minutes of fame were over a long time ago


N.Y. Penal Law § 190.23 states that a “person is guilty of false personation when after being informed of the consequences of such act, he or she knowingly misrepresents his or her actual name, date of birth or address to a police officer or peace officer with intent to prevent such police officer or peace officer from ascertaining such information.”

Or in this case - something totally irrelevant and contrary to the NYPD’s own code of practice.

Here’s the ACLU post on it with a link to the actual filing:


A lot of places have rules that you can’t linger in parks after hours, but passing through is okay. Do Bronx parks really close completely so that people can’t walk (or jog) through them without stopping? And how is that an arrestable offense rather than a fine?

Do other people get arrested for walking through that park after closing time, or was this Walking While Trans?


Out of touch Wilbur?

What part of cost of living do you not understand?