The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


How dare they not comply with their patriotic duty to enrich us all (/s) by taking out loans.

Don’t they know that the world economy is built on the fundament of people borrowing money from financial institutions so that they can buy stuff sold to them by companies funding their operations through financial institutions and thereby providing meaninglessful employment for billions of people?


“I know they are and I don’t really quite understand why,” said Ross, who’s reportedly worth roughly $700 million.

I think I see the problem.


Even more shocking video of Covington HS kids. . . real this time.


It’s been shared in the relevant threads already.




thanks. my bad. was news to me this morning.


The 800,000 furloughed federal employees and 400,000 working without pay due to the government shutdown over $5 billion dollars in funding for a wall on the U.S. southern border are going through “a little bit of pain,” but “this is so much bigger than any one person” said Lara Trump, campaign adviser and daughter-in-law to President Donald Trump and wife to Eric Trump, to right-leaning web show Bold TV on Monday.


They just keep inching closer and closer to saying “Let them eat cake…”


Pelosi just dropped that exact phrase in her briefing this AM. Referring to Ross’s statement.





But … but … we need to get Dems elected, no matter what their position. / DNC establishment apologist

See also:


Hey Dems, maybe you can “get things done” without supporting the politicians and policies of the Party of Crazy.


In other news, Florida woman is a racist asshole.




If I had a dollar for every… :smile:


Expect another dollar for this gem:


Wow. Just wow. This day is just getting better and better. /s


It’s been a real torrent, even by today’s standards.




Turns out Roger Stone has such good friends… The best…


That must have been a very exciting basketball game.