The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Check all the low-life boxes:

“There is an overreaching and unrelenting depth of hate”’ in the publication’s content, Judge Richard Blouin observed in brief remarks before releasing his decision. “You both wholly intended to promote hate.

“If this doesn’t qualify as hate, I don’t know what will. I find you both guilty.”

Gavel drop!


Roger Stone arrested… Shutdown (temporarily) ended… flaming douche-bro found guilty…

Not that I mind but…

Did someone rub a lamp and get a genie, or something?


If it hasn’t been said before, I’ll say it. Christ, what an asshole.

ETA - her, too.

ETA #2
@Faffenreffer said it before. :slight_smile:


This is just about the best thing of the day.


Fuck… did they already sign the agreement to end the shut-down?

Because if not, I don’t put it past that thin-skinned muthafucka to renege just because Fox & Friends is mad at him…


Yep, it’s signed.



And thread for summary:


I have the OPM app installed so I got a gov open alert when he signed.

Oddly no apology in message. /s


On the stand, Ayres declined to refer to TWP organizers and supporters as Nazis,

On their own site they self-described as National Socialists. I forget if they openly used Nazi, but that was certainly implied.

Check Ayres’ wardrobe for cosplay uniforms.


This story just keeps getting better.



WTF? Sure the owner has the right but, dammit Valentine’s Day cookies?


I’m just trying to figure out how “build that wall” is supposed to be humorous and not a political statement, just because it’s on a cookie. Like, people do realize that jokes are supposed to be funny, right?

Oh wait, I forgot that Mike Huckabee has a supposed-to-be-humor TV show now, nothing matters anymore. My mistake.


Because we’re living in the most surreal of timelines, alt-right super-racist white-supremacist conspiracy theorist Mike “Pizzagate” Cernovich seems to be taking time out of his regular schedule of InfoWars appearances, Trump support, and screaming about ‘white genocide’ to uh, convert to Islam. Alt-right bros are freaking out.


Wait… what???


For all I know, this is some 4-dimensional chess move to Own the Libs by blowing everyone’s mind, but I have no idea anymore.


Did someone slip him the same stuff as Tucker Carlson seem to be doing lately? (Not sure if he’s trolling with his fall-away from capitalism as the right sees it.)


DC has been been called “Ugly Hollywood” in the past, let’s change that!



No, fame and money do not outweigh the colour of one’s skin.