The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


It’s the same 30% who are always the single issue voters. Abortion, guns and gawd.

I wonder sometimes what would happen if they just got their way with those things, what would become of them, as voters. Horrible I know but, what if? Would they just crawl back into their hollows, cabins and trailer parks and disappear?


Heh. They’re moving so fast to the right, that everything to the left of them is red shifted.


I won’t wish his death, but I hope it takes his mind off politics.



This isn’t aimed at you personally, but your post provides an appropriate hook for something I was thinking about the other day…

A lot of liberals make a point of monitoring right wing media in order to keep track of what the “other side” is thinking.

How many of y’all take the time to make the same sort of outreach to the left? How often do you explore media that is leftwards of your comfort zone?

At the very least, it’d be good if folks would occasionally expose themselves to things like Democracy Now, Intercepted, The Katie Halper Show, or Citations Needed. If you’re a bit more adventurous, try Moderate Rebels or Eyes Left. If you really want to get into it, have a poke at It’s Going Down or Revolutionary Left Radio. Etc.

MSNBC, the NYT and so on present a severely limited view of the ideological spectrum. Almost nothing to the left of DNC orthodoxy makes it through the filter of mainstream American media.


And that’s putting it nicely.


And on the flip side…


Weird. I thought Eisenhower already made a ‘technology in exchange for cow lips’ deal in the 1950ies. Did they fail to renew the contract?


I think that this is a valid point, but I guess I am less interested in delving into news programs from my left side than I am from my right. I’m not really looking to confirm what I already believe, and about stuff that I feel powerless to do anything about.

I listen to short bursts of Limbaugh when I’m in the car, and I read the conservative subreddits for basically two reasons… The first is to assess threats against ideas that I support, for chinks in the armor. Most times, I come out the other end feeling more secure, and dismissive of the wackadoodle right, but occasionally they show me the flaws in my logic.

The other reason is more of guilty pleasure, and that is to read and hear about their rage and tears when they suffer an obvious defeat. Those times are few and far between, but if I am being honest, that is the main reason why I do it. Listening to Mark Levin is another good source for hearing utter right-wing rage. The stuff he’s furious about tend to be issues where the left is winning the debate.

But I also scan the Politics and WorldNews subreddits, and I like to think that they do a pretty good job filling in the gaps that MSNBC and the NYT leave out. In general, I stick to the headlines and click the links to the source articles, but avoid the comment sections, though sometimes I’ll delve in and sort by controversial, for reasons mentioned above.

It may be flawed, but I’m less interested in the conflict and bickering aspects of it, and I am less interested in changing their minds. That’s why I gave up Facebook.

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Odd because it was reported that he wanted to remain in DoJ not long ago.


Seriously? How can these asshats still think this is OK?


Some particularly privileged white people think they can get away with whatever, because they generally speaking get away with whatever. Think of the Covington Catholic school kid…


That article led me to this one:


I just had to file this here, given the subject matter and its primary use:


Don’t get Jason started on his bidet kick again! :slight_smile:


Bastard offspring of an unholy mating between a sink and a toilet! Plumbing miscegenation! You Shall Not Piss!!!



Newport Beach, CA


It’s almost like there is a common cultural theme in these reports about wealthy white neighborhoods.


Hmmm, but what could it be? The mind is boggled!


Is he brain dead? Isn’t he under a gag order by a federal court judge?


Yes, he is brain dead but, that post you’re replying to is dated well before his current predicament.

I believe he did post something on Instagram over the weekend that might be a problem.