The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


I’ll believe he died in 2016 before I believe he was born in 1974.

What is it with the lizard people aging at twice the normal rate?


I asked before when I forward was legitimized, and I would ask it again if it wasn’t so obvious people interested in his message were literally everywhere.


Two years younger than me, looks 10 years older. Either I’m doin’ it right, or he’s doing something really wrong. Must be the hate that ages them so.



Don’t do that to me! For a split second, I thought it was true.


Yep, he died a year ago. Everything we’ve heard from him since has really just been somewhat impressive amateur puppetry.



I’m sure they’ll pick up the leftists, not the white power dudes…


Weekend at Alex’s is pretty rapey by today’s standards.


I caught that on the screen at the Safeway as I was leaving… It gave me a little happy inside. He dun fucked up big time there.


Is it just me or does it seem like everyone was told when filling out forms and such to say Nyet to any question about Russians and forget about any checks that were written in Rubles?

I really don’t want to be drawing a picture that isn’t there, but the connect the dots puzzle is looking more like a pointillism portrait.



“Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials when he applied for security clearance because he was told not to do so by advisers and the F.B.I., a Justice Department spokesman said Wednesday.” -NYT

One fills the form out in its entirety. No ifs, ands or buts. The form is designed that way for truthfulness. Anything other than 100% completion should be grounds for dismissal. I don’t care if your mother was standing behind you telling you otherwise. The instructions are clear.

“In the Bush Administration someone who lied on a security clearance form would have been out the door within 24 hrs,” Richard W. Painter, a law professor at the University of Minnesota and the chief White House ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, said on Twitter." -HuPo



The extremes the free speech brigade goes to mental gymnastics themselves into a piece like this…


Civil rights need to be defended for everyone, including the people with odious and unpopular points of view.


Civil rights, yes, but gym membership isn’t one of those.



From the article I linked…

Now, before anyone gets on a Libertarian high horse, I am fully aware that as a private member’s only establishment, a gym may have the “right” to give Spencer the boot for any reason or no reason at all, and I’m not suggesting any legal transgression. I am humbly suggesting, however, that booting Spencer simply because of his political beliefs certainly violates the spirit of the law and the mutual comity which we all require to live peacefully among each other.

It is very telling that Christine Fair teaches at one of America’s great institutions of higher learning. It goes a long way to explaining why college students have become so intolerant, crude and nasty toward people they disagree with. What lesson should Professor Fair’s students draw from her example at the gym?


OK? The article goes out of its way to explain it’s not a civil rights issue, but violates the “spirit” of freedom of speech which is intended to protect people like Spencer while criticizing colleges for turning young people into crude and nasty individuals.


The fact that you read those two paragraphs and agree with the author disturbs me.


I’d hardly describe Richard Spencer’s massively offensive racist beliefs as merely political.