The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes




What’s most disheartening to me is the number of comments saying that the alt-rightists were the “winners” and “more reasonable”. No,it doesn’t matter how much a racist, sexist asshole is polite, unreasonable is baked into their very position.

That is one thing about being Canadian (and possibly also people in the southern US): you learn while real young that “polite and mild mannered” is not necessarily synonymous with “good and nice”.


I would question the word “brewing” is accurate when Nazis are literally moving to communities and finding support to make them 100% white areas.


Add the Midwest to that list as well. Minnesota nice is not the same thing as actual nice.

It’s namely the Mid-Atlantic region and maybe Boston that give the US its reputation for being rude and blunt.


I really wish this said ‘Moose’ instead.



Because he’s the real victim…



A moose once bit my sister.



“Tons of white people and jews…”


Why are these guys not beating the shit out that racist prick??? They had the chance.


Richard Spencer talks about wanting a nation with the races divided on geographical lines.

CB: … You don’t consider yourself a racist…?
RS: I would never say something like "I don’t like black people."
CB: But you don’t want me in your neighborhood.
RS: Right, I mean… I… I think the country is fragmenting, because t the end of the day racial differences cannot be breached ever.
CB: What!?
RS: Lots of people come up here and talk about equality or opportunity or whatever; that’s bullshit. I do care about power. Power is good.
CB: Power is good if you’re the boss or you’re the slave owner…
RS: I’m not going to help the situation by being a conservative that says (insert doofy voice) “Oh, I’m color blind, we’re all the same. God created us equal.” That’s bullshit.
CB: Wait… wait…
RS: That’s bullshit and bullshit never helps.
CB: You don’t… you don’t believe in equality at all?
RS: No. Equality? No, that’s nonsense. There’s no equality in nature; there’s difference.

It only gets worse later:

RS: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Sounds very… enlightenment… kinda… I’m tempted to say fag-y.


It’s worth watching just to know for a fact what the mild end of Spencer’s rhetoric is and how he’s just a hateful liar about it all.



I never thought I’d really support punching a Nazi, because violence doesn’t solve much of anything, but this Nazi needs to be punched a few more times.



The KKK is planing a cross burning in Charlottesville, Va. and you know who will prob be there. (He lives in Alexandria, Va. an hr away.)


Where are the wobblies when we need them?