The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Nowhere. Everyone left of the establishment Dems is a crazy moonbeam weirdo who doesn’t know how the world really works /s


The Confederacy of Dunces on parade again.


Too bad that they don’t understand this is why we have separation of church and state: No Sharia law, and no Old Testament law either.



A load of class this guy is.

I’m not even sure if he gets the irony of arguing for cultural assimilation while eating food from another culture.

Granted, Pepe’s is one of the divier of the Chicago area Mexican chains, but that still doesn’t quite explain anything.


Pepe’s seems pretty classy to me:

Edwin Ptak, corporate counsel for Pepe’s Incorporated, told HuffPost on Wednesday that the man seen in the video is no longer welcome at any of their locations and that they’ve reached out to the girls’ families.

“It’s a terrible incident,” he said, while advising the public to call for help instead of engage with people like that.

“You’re dealing with a crazy guy,” he said. “You can’t stop idiots from saying things.”


The people who run Pepe’s are good people IME. Or at least, I have never had any reason to dislike them.

I was more referring to the type of people who it attracts. They are usually just looking for a watering hole and cheap food, and there’s no longer a local bar on practically every city block in Chicago like there was in the old days.


I would argue arguing cultural assimilation while eating what is now a generations deep blend of cultural food traditions would be worse if it was a truly authentic restaurant.


If only there were complimentary Arc of the Convenant replicas given to people of color in restaurants so, that in instances as this the Arc could be opened to inflict lightning based death and destruction to evil people ala Indy Jones.

Actually no, forget the holy Christian relic. Just bolts of lighting will do.


Chicago ain’t Texas. There’ Tex-Mex, but it’s a hollow imitation of the real thing. It’s not the worst place for Mexican food, not by a long shot, but nothing can beat real authentic Tex-Mex.

But you’re right. If this was an authentic restaurant, there’d be no chance he’d be allowed to go on his little rant.


That wouldn’t be pretty. For all the people that remember “Don’t look!”, there’d be more that would pull out their phones and stream the video to YouTube as their face melts.


FYI, he plead “no contest” not “guilty.” Apparently it is unusual for a judge to allow a nolo contendre for someone who has admitted guilt (never mind the lack of remorse demonstrated by lying about it until evidence came forth). Special treatment.

Update: Looks like I was wrong. There was a lot of reporting that he would plead “no contest” because his agreement with the victim said he could. But he actually did plead guilty.


He’ll have to do “community service hours.” Ugh. What a wink-wink slap on the old wrist from the judge.


And a “pledge” of $50k to the Committee to Protect Journalists is just that, a pledge.


Not sure if they’re still there, but you can find some great Tex-Mex in a diner directly under the Argyle platform of the Red Line. If I remember correctly, I think these guys are Ecuadoran. I recommend their take on pork chops.
Afterward, there’s a great Chinese bakery on the other side of the street. :grinning:


Note to Classy Dude: It appears you don’t like this country and what our constitution stands for. Why don’t you leave?


I don’t think it’s still there.


I has a sad. :cry:

They had some great barbacoa (brisket), too. I was looking forward to it on my next trip back to visit family.


From today’s bizarre ring kissing cabinet meeting:

A-holes never look happy.


There’s an aspect to this that I want to draw attention to:

He started by fat-shaming. Publicly fat-shaming a woman. When she stood up to him by responding “Excuse me, sir, what did you just say?” he escalated. How dare she not slink away, ashamed?

This is a good example that bigotry has its own intersectionality.