The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Obviously a false flag attack by some SJW, athiest, Muslim illegal alien.



Dude, stop hitting my fist with your face!


'murica warriors lurking…


The White Man is currently oppressed, you see, but he will rise again!


The White Man never stood a chance! Why won’t the world give the White Man a break! /s




“Hey voters! FUCK YOU!!”


Maybe the Trump EPA will finally classify us white men as an endangered species and finally afford us the protections we need. Between the constant assault from all sides by Muslims, Mexicans, feminists, race traders, and homosexuals we’re in critical need of protection after all.


Yes, replace the northern spotted owl with white dudes! That way the logging industry can cut down the rest of those uselessly standing up old growth trees in the pacific NW and we can protect the feelings of white dudes! /s


Yes! And these can exclusively be jobs for white dudes! Unemployment is fixed! (Since we all know non-white dudes who are out of work are only interested in handouts from the government because diversity quotas and affirmative action have solved all problems for non-white dudes.)


Trump should hire us to fix racism and the economy! We’ll kick ass and take names!


Well, imitating a trump inspired asshole:





Eating their own.




Don’t know if BB has covered this? Seems like @doctorow territory…

“Evidence of Google blacklisting of left and progressive sites continues to mount”


But they’re just blocking fake news! /s