The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Oh, good. Just what we needed. Actual brownshirts preparing for an American Kristallnacht.


Replied to the wrong place.



That’s okay. It turns out some of General Kelly’s real remarks are also totally fake.


Jesus Fucking Christ.
Putting the wolf in charge of the sheep…again.

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Fully auto-erotic weapons.


[Toronto police Staff Sgt. Chuck] Konkel described the groups as “two sides of the coin.”



It just dawned on me; Brazzers, a porn site, is covering news stories now?!?!


Someone just added the logo to the political stunt. It’s actually a decent crop meme.



Feh. “Deus Vult”, good grief. I suppose chanting “Kyrie Eleison” back at them would be wasted?

(Alt-right video, featured by RT. Imagine that!)


As should be obvious, the Trumpists and the street fascists are not opposed factions.


Better Brazzers than Breitbart I guess?


This is fucking disgusting. Even though no laws are being rescinded, this is still obfuscating them for no reason other than to push an agenda against special education. Classy move.





Spoilered for extreme racism and violence:

This asshole (not the linked poster, but the one they link to)


I predict Scott Adams will continue to be an untalented, unpopular, raging misogynist.


If Stickman is okay, I don’t why a little Nazi on Milo would exclude him.


And from a HuffPo/YouGov poll: