The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes




Ah, what a missed opportunity not to march in LYNCHBURG. It’s only 16 miles or so to the south.
As long as we’re tearing down statues, would it hurt to change a few town names?










There is only ONE SIDE, because SCIENCE.
The near antonym is IGNORANCE, but I’d allow DISINFORMATION.

I’m gonna lump the Notzees in for this image, too.



To be fair, at least this time Adams included an advisory by referring to his latest discharge as ‘an idiot’s guide’.


Life’s a beach, eh Christie?




Apparently he’s hyping blockchains now because he’s offering his own currency.


Kandy Klan

“The candy in the plastic bag was sweet, the messages that accompanied it were filled with hate.”



From the John Kelly interview:

From Howard Zinn:


Can it begin to fix?
When the plague of self hate
Is no longer a weight so great
Push you to kill one another
When we put a stop to false charity
That gives with one hand and bombs with the other
When the IMF and World Bank, along with their puppets
No longer strangle our nations
When the invaders don’t have military bases
In so many places
When the jail cells are not packed with black backs
And the gats and the crack are no longer factors
When we celebrate true self-determination
Not a few token bit part actors
When the truth is told and there is
The dignity to remember the dead
Because as long as they are distorting the past
It means they have the intention of doing it again