The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Or it could be their pizza sucks… but hey what do I know.


Feck! I hope Wayback has those. (And if he blocks Wayback, I have them. The Internet Remembers.)









Their pizza totally sucks. At our house, they’re on the permaban list alongside Domino’s and Pizza Hut. I’d allow Hungry Howie’s in my home before these others (and that’s a damned low bar in and of itself).







Entirely unsurprising.



“Briskman said what’s been particularly infuriating is that a male colleague kept his job after recently posting lewd comments on his Facebook page that featured Akima LLC as his cover photo. She said this colleague was reprimanded for calling someone “a fucking Libtard asshole” on Facebook, but was allowed to delete the post and keep his job.”

That tells you that trump inspired assholes are running the company no?

This will make a great sticker:


Where should we park this?


(not meant to be directed at @Akimbo_NOT, Sorry!)

  1. Jesus fucking Christ.

2. What he fuck does this guy mean by this? He should have tried to kill her somewhere else? Use bow and arrow? A garrote? A machete? How about kill her with kindness, though I’m not sure that actually works? (emphasis mine)

“There are many ways that he could have taken care of the mother-in-law without coming with 15 loaded magazines and an assault rifle to a church,” said Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety.


Whee, more offshore account leaks!