The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



But it’s only bad when Hilary does it through her charity, see. /s


John Kelly’s going full on A Hole

“The Washington Post (paywall) reports Kelly called to insist Duke expel 57,000 protected Honduran hurricane refugees back to their home country. Duke refused, instead granting them a six-month extension.”


“going”? It never stopped, he just has a platform now.




The event started when several people planned to hold a rally celebrating white identity and heritage along the East 39th Street overpass. Dubbed “It’s Okay To Be White,” it coincided with the anniversary of Mulugeta Seraw’s murder, an Ethiopian immigrant and Portland State University student who was beaten to death by neo-Nazis in 1988.


Antifa were out in force:



“It’s ok to be white”. What the fuck does that even mean? Does it have something to do with this so called “white culture” that I keep hearing about despite having no idea what that is either? I mean, FFS, I’m a white guy, I should get it, right? Someone must have forgot to send me the newsletter because I’m sure mystified.

In all seriousness this is the exact same kind of ignorant attitude that allows these other “white/blue/etc lives matter” memes to be a thing. Nobody is saying it’s not ok to be white, it’s those that think there’s something wrong with being non-white that have the problem.


This popped up on my Random playlist the other day. It may be an old song but fuck if it doesn’t ring true today.

Especially these lyrics:

You’re too scared to make a speech during the light
Without a thousand police protecting your rights
To threaten and abuse, incite or fight
But who will protect me from you in the night?




Ghod. Under attack by what? Others having the gall to seek equality and justice? Is everything a zero sum game with these people?



Adding useless words for the characters.




When you’re being crushed from above, it’s easy to kick down.




…pants on fire.