The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


I am confused. Is an Antifa Response Unit responding to Antifa, or in support of Antifa?
If I encountered this with no context, I really wouldn’t know.


Oh, thank goodness!

There are a lot of “men” in this country whose egos can only get by with the help of trophies of their long-distance high-powered wildlife murder sprees.


Appears to have been taken down.


I wonder if it was a partner store/supplier/online only thing.


Well, the art style is a hint.


They’re anti-Antifa; the flag iconography is something of a giveaway.

So, resolve the equation: once the two antis cancel each other out, what’s left?



prosecutors can be such assholes.

probably in the wrong thread, AS USUAL…


Color me not surprised.


I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that the fictional WaPo caller in Ala. was a Breitbart operative either.


Quaint dead-tree Nazis smacked with hate crime laws.


Includes a handy debunking of “the original KKK wasn’t that bad” bullshit.


Racist UFO cult leader says Trump is a “truth-talking hero and racist villain”.


I suppose I’d expect no less from Farrahkan, as he tends to be a mix of things I agree with and things that are fucked up.



Sadly I have to say if not it is too fucking close to it.


When I read Primo Levi’s If Not Now, When? and started digging into the history of the first Warsaw Uprising, I got a strong sense that fascism has always found a regrettably comfortable home in Poland.


These fucking tax reforms just keep getting more and more awful. I’m holding little hope this won’t pass through the Senate at this point.


These fucking assholes.