The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Who are democrats with defense contractors in their districts?




Nasty, but with an element of schadenfreude. Vicious bastards turning on themselves.


frustrated neo-Nazi

If there must be neo-Nazis, that’s probably the best kind.


Knight of the long knives much?


I think dude doesn’t realize that San Francisco isn’t all that liberal these days. Also, the techbros are the ones who would probably be the folks that the government would protect… from him. It’s easier to deal with ‘red state’ America. It’s called not giving them fuel. Turn off the pipelines and don’t let trains come/go from refineries you don’t control. By the end of winter, most of them will be dead just from lack of heating. Oh and big cities are easier to secure. Good luck running an insurgency when the main highways in/out of town are guarded by infantry in gun nests. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, just turning off electricity to the rural areas would be another (easier) means to flush out wouldbe Wolverines. Hard to keep food safe to eat unless you know how to preserve it (fridges don’t run on wishful thinking).


Satanist? I’m sure that the Church of Satan gets fairly frantic when they contemplate the idiocy of these louts.




Fuck their versions of it.


Fucking hell, they’re still riding that dead horse?! I thought their constant efforts to gain credibility for murderous ideologies had moved past that one by now.

I again give them about a 2 out of 10 for creativity.


More like surrealism with a side of sadism.




Throwing Mr Warner in here because only now he’s seems to want to change his mind on his assault weapons vote. Fuck him; Another two faced BS politician.

More like he just saw an entire generation of kids who WILL vote him out.


Usually they go for something more subtle like “free speech advocate”.


Isn’t that sort of the point?


What the hell Canada?


Triggered white snowflakes.


“Barr, who voted for and supports Trump, tweeted that he would “shake up” the status quo and that Clinton and Obama, although not identified by name, had “killed more innocent people than anyone else in U.S. history.” She referred to her Twitter foes as “fascists” and suggested she was being threatened by Clinton supporters.”