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Not just some random reactionary arse; the SBA.


The Few, The Proud, the (White Racist Nazi) Marines

“The U.S. Marine Corps said it has opened a criminal investigation into the activities of Lance Corporal Vasillios Pistolis, 19, identified as a violent white supremacist in a recent report by ProPublica and Frontline.”

“Stationed at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune and assigned to the 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Pistolis has associated with an array of neo-Nazi organizations, including the National Socialist Movement, the Traditionalist Worker Party, and Atomwaffen Division, a clandestine group that aims to incite a race war, according to interviews and an analysis of video and online postings. Pistolis is under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, or NCIS, which typically examines felony-level offenses involving Navy or Marine Corps personnel.”


“(Oliver) North was convicted in 1989 of charges including obstructing Congress, unlawfully mutilating government documents and taking an illegal gratuity. He was fined $150,000, given a three-year suspended sentence and two years’ probation.” (He’ll be in trump’s cabinet before you know it.)

Bet Ted Nugent is pissed.


Figures that the NRA would select an illegal gun-runner as its president.




Interesting that this person assumes all liberals have guns.


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The latest Roseanne episode has all the Breitbart types’ knickers in a knot.

After weeks of alt-right wanking to the idea that the show and its ratings were a stick in the eye of Leftist Commie entertainment industry, the odors of cooking brains are in the air as the latest show has a message of tolerance and understanding towards her Muslim neighbors.

I’m no fan of Roseanne, never have been, but this is hilarious.

Now the show is all a Leftist Commie plot that forced Roseanne to do it, ignoring that it was apparently her idea. I guess this is another show/movie that they’ll have to stop watching. (No Star Wars, no Marvell, no lots of other stuff, I’m sure. What’s left remaining?)

A moderate response:

I knew it was only a matter of time before the left took control of this show. They used Roseanne’s apparent moderate approach to conservatives to reel in viewers and now launched their narrative assault on those viewers. I expect ratings to now plummet as a result?


That is interesting. Usually, they assume every last person who isn’t exactly like them has zero guns, even the black people in inner cities who they want to take the guns away from.

Logic and reason are not strengths in the kind of person who would put up a sign like this.


Left Behind movies.


I think the real message was “Hey Left, we have guns and you don’t and if you try to impeach Trump, we will shoot you! MAGA!” However, after the sign company told them hell no, they used irony.


Yes, I’m reading the message as “You’re going to wish you did have guns if you dare attempt impeachment.”


Quite possibly. I guess we can add ‘clarity’ to the sign maker’s list of failures.

Maybe it’s because I live in a state where hunting still provides quite a bit of food for people of every political stripe, I’m hard pressed to come up with anyone that I know who doesn’t own at least a rifle.


One big happy Fox family.