The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


I’m setting up my SuperPAC right now. It’s going to be called #FuckinDumbShits


No, that one exists already, but they call themselves the GOP.



I think that one might be taken, too, though.


An anti-Trump asshole:







Another beautiful asshole for the gallery:


Thunder Bay (my hometown) has a depressing amount of racists tickets who feel completely comfortable spouting there views to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It should be no surprise that this asshole’s confidence towards speaking his mind in public mirrored Trump 's ascent on the world stage. At least on this microcosm, the boycott worked.
As a positive aside, the coffee shop that’s now become the go to for high quality blends is only a few doors down from fantastic donair shop run by resettled Syrians.


Can we go so far as to call her a “bleached asshole”?

You know, all gussied up but still full of shit.



Purcellville is trump country. No surprise.




Give it up Rudy.


(emphasis mine)

LOL. Great read, thanks!

@Gyrofrog - Does this :eight_pointed_black_star: have it in for German speakers as well?


There’s a thread:


Fake Love or trump inspired dating is not what it seems.



Like any of the right’s boycotts did anything ever.