The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


"On June 2, Allsup posted a picture of a certificate on Facebook. “As of today I am officially an elected official in the state of Washington and Republican party,” he wrote. “Cool!”

Nazi Bro


Me and Bugs are of one mind when it comes to Florida.


Another asshole. Hope they catch this swatter.


Messing with victims of a violent crime is just fucked up beyond all reasonable thought.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana Loesch didn’t call it in herself.



Taking Out the Trash

(Roy Moore’s) former campaign manager, Rich Hobson, was also defeated on Tuesday


What the Fuck Californians?

Putin thanks you. (well, not you of course but, all those other trumper russiaphiles)


I just don’t know what the point is anymore:

“It is his business,” Clark wrote in a comment. “He should have the opportunity to run his business the way he wants. If he wants to turn away people of color, then [that’s] his choice.”


He later apologized for the comment in an email to a reporter for the Leader.

“I am apologizing for some of my Facebook comments,” he wrote. “I would never advocate discriminating against people based on their color or race.”

Well, what did he think he was doing?


Clearly on the wrong side.



Don’t look at me; that’s not my district, so I didn’t get any say.


The Democratic establishment are part of the problem.


Remember, these people are heavily armed.



USA is starting to really really SUCK


I’ll bet they kept and ate the pizza, anyway…


The Virginia GOP have managed to assemble a collection of challengers even more vile than Tim Kaine.



So if pizza places stop delivering there, everyone at the garrison will know who to blame.


A person who helps another commit a crime.


Look for the helpers.


Attacking the homeless. In Alaska.