The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Remind me again how the US leaving the UN HRC doesn’t matter.




Hashtag civility amirite.


A lot of “false flag” responses in there


Make America Chimp Again.


Let’s just say “chickenshit” applies to more than just the substance thrown.



What could possibly go wrong?






So I know one could argue he is not a Trump inspired asshole…but since he is choosing to retire during a pivotal period wherein Trump will in fact get the opportunity to appoint a conservative asshole to the supreme court…AGAIN…then I consider him a Trump inspired asshole by association…


Wow. Expected to see a photo of him holding snakes in front of people speaking in tongues burning witches while pushing pins into dolls of wax.

Too much sun in NC. It’s frying people’s brains.


Bum Fight!

Young America’s Foundation, who funds those speaking tours by Ann Coulter and MILO, targeted to cause maximum upset, is warning that Charlie Kirk / Turning Point could inflict “long-term damage” on both “conservative students and the conservative movement.”?


They can both die in a fire.


Interviewing for Vidkun Quisling’s job?


I guess we need to add “the fall of the Roman Empire” to the list of things racists are willing to try and re-litigate.


Another indication that two alternate realities have collided …Sean Hannity portrayed this agenda as negative.



Saint Reagan’s holy word:

I dunno why they think Donnie is a conservative.