The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes



Typical, and redundant with Pruitt in charge.


Catholic Priest: “…everyone get the hell out of my church!”

Christians, amirite? Sounds literally like Satan to me.



jeez…she’s inhuman scum hell bent on destroying all sweet baby jesus built here in murica with his bare baby hands!!!

(/s if that wasn’t clear to anyone)


Someone ought to tell the police that folks aren’t allowed to be Dead While Black anymore, seems like they missed that memo.

/s, obviously.

edited because spelling.


You would be surprised what people can do when their backs are to the wall. No one wants to take to the streets, no matter how just their cause. It generally the last option.




The lawmakers just throw up their hands and say, “there just nothing we can do!”


Well, I would suspect that these, erm, people prefer to procreate by way of inbreeding anyway.


FOXNews White House ACTIVATE!

Sexual harassment will continue until morale improves.


I think BoJo qualifies,

and a bit of comic relief is in order every now and then.





I’m a living, breathing example of empirical evidence that’s not even remotely true.

Have these people never heard of Lisa Bonet or Jason Momoa? Halle Berry? The Rock? Vanessa L Williams? Barack freakin’ Obama?!?!?


Nobody tell them the whole notion of “white purity” is a complete crock of shit to begin with.


I’d happily help crowd-fund payment for ‘23&me’ for these idiotic fucks.



I would prefer GEDmatch so their DNA is in the system.



So they’re “activating” their members huh?