The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes




Dershowitz GET OFF OF MY BEACH! -the World



JHC. Maybe this is just garden variety crazy, but whatever. I have no words for this.


Fuck this shit.

This is some serious Minority Report shit. It will hit non-white communities hardest (hello, systemic discrimination) and just what is the wording on that 13th Amendment again?


It’d be fun to see the reaction when masked-up alt-right fascists are also charged under this law, but I suspect that there would be uneven enforcement due to its name. I also wouldn’t trust law enforcement not to use it against masked peaceful protestors. (Like charging someone with resisting arrest with no other charge.)


Tennesseans, take note:


She looks like the Xtian mom from Detroit Rock City.




“Happy Housewives Club” Sounds like a republican sex party scene to me.


Stepford Wives on Drugs.
Hey, good band name.


Just a quick reminder:




Crimesolvers (Not really)


Same old infuriating same old, really.

And to think that most white people think Jim and Jane Crow is a thing of the past.





Now let’s do the same for the cop.



This is true. It’s not just about the shirt.


The horror…