The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


*Elect us so we can show you how hard.




Another one bites the dust…

What it's like when Nazis infiltrate your conference

see also here:

More Bush-inspired it turns out…


He was a particularly incompetent troll, which I supposed is what you’d expect from a white supremacist. Most of his vile comments lasted less than two minutes before being hidden, he was permabanned within 40 minutes of starting his spree, and his entire career here didn’t exceed two days.

Trolls like that can’t hang here.


"I don’t think we will ever again see a candidate like Donald Trump. His high-wire act is one that few could ever follow. He is a unicorn, riding a unicorn over a rainbow.


The man has reportedly been a constant presence at the memorial site this week and has been involved in multiple confrontations, though none as heated as the one Friday afternoon.

Ahhhh! I think I know which racist a-hole this is. He has a long history. I thought he was on probation or something? (On my radar because he was protesting Islam across from the Scientology org. Go figure!)


2011 (Wayback doesn’t have it):

Cop funeral protester jailed for assault

The controversial protester who wore a “No Police State” sign at the funeral procession for Sgt. Ryan Russell was jailed Thursday after he was convicted of assault earlier this week.

Eric Brazau, 46, was found guilty of assault with a weapon – his seventh violent offence conviction – for hitting Alan Norris with his car outside Brazau’s downtown Toronto home in July 2009.

Wow. Check this guy’s place for weapons, maybe a 72 hour observation period.


You made your bed Koch Bro now lay in it.


Why shucks, the Koch Bro farm spread is just the folksiest place there is! /s

I suspect the only farm-related activity they’re experienced at is spreading manure.



I wish I had a Thanos gauntlet, so I could snap my fingers and bring enlightenment to all.


It only manged to kill 50% of everyone, and enlightenment would be a much harder job.


Great reporting, thanks, wish the so-called liberal (but actually corporate) media had someone like that.


I thought it was just me, ever since I saw that damned movie.

If I had that kind of infinite power, screw ‘destroying half the universe;’ I’m reshaping our reality into something better and more sustainable.


Had this already made the rounds?


Wow… that makes the flat earth folk look positively great to have around for a beer. Though I imagine the overlap is bigger than one would guess.


“Free speech only for me and my preferred points of view, death threats for opinions I don’t like or agree with.”


That is some disturbing stuff [ETA: which doesn’t make the Qanon theories any less stupid and deranged and laughable]

Except this bunch is embraced with open arms at rallies headlined by the “president” (disturbing in and of itself since it’s not election season for him) and being praised by cops for helping roust a homeless camp based on their crackpot theories.



I am looking at slashing my goddamn food budget which isn’t huge to start with, and fuckers like him are spending damn near a million on suits that don’t even fit right.

ETA: I know this is about money-laundering, but it’s still obscene.