The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


Their claimed reason for cancelling:


So, an estimated number of 400 Nazis marching on DC ended up being a few dozen. And they left before their permitted time was up.


(BTW aHellava T-storm greeted them! It was Mother Nature saying F you Nazis! Go home!)


Forming an international organization of far-right nationalists has its inherent problems.



“in space no one can hear you lie.”

Stone: “I love this — proud to be in this crew…”

I think we know what logo is in the running.


I didn’t see this elsewhere but… West Virginia just impeached their entire Supreme Court so that they can replace them with Republican appointees.


How the fuck is that even legal?


several agencies including the FBI are stepping in to see if any comments constitute a hate crime.

Adults called Maddie by “it” and “thing.” Some said she should be stabbed or beat up. One even suggested it was open hunting season for transgender people.

Again, “if”?


Ugh, what terrible people.




“Sinclair Broadcasting’s failed effort to buy Tribune Media may soon become more than just a costly embarrassment. It could result in the company ultimately losing its broadcast licenses.”



Womp womp.






This asshole, yet again;


Maybe we should inundate him with cake orders he won’t complete.


I’m thinking that’s what needs to happen.


(It’s not that I don’t have a comment. I have too many jammed in the pathway from my brain to my fingers.)