The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


A weird situational flipper too:

Bozell was an outspoken critic of Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries, describing him as “the greatest charlatan of them all”, "a “huckster” and “shameless self-promoter”.[34] He said, “God help this country if this man were president.”[34] After Trump clinched the Republican nomination, Bozell attacked the media for their “hatred” of Trump.[34] Politico noted, “The paradox here is that Bozell was once more antagonistic toward the president than any journalist.”[34] Bozell singled out Jake Tapper for being “one of the worst offenders” in coverage of Trump, however several senior MRC staff told Politico that they considered Tapper a model of fairness.[34]


Remember this next time your local libertarian praises Paul for his support of liberty.


Where’s a hungry man-eating reptile when you need one?



Another of these assholes.


When he announced his plan, President Donald Trump slammed drug makers, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers and others for profiting off American patients.

“The drug lobby is making an absolute fortune at the expense of American patients,” Trump said.

Holy shit, he got something right for once.


Oh. My.


Seems like a good place for this:

It’s just a matter of time before el Cheeto shit head employs the same tactics


Why is this surprising to anyone anymore? Racist M’fuckers run this country.




Human and Organizational Systems, PhD

I should get one of those online ordinations I keep hearing about and insist on people addressing me as “Reverend”.



Hmm. Maybe, but only if you were having a birthday party for the junior KKK. I think that trivializes his evil too much.




Apparently “doing better” now.





I swear, some people must love getting sued needlessly.


This war of liberal west coast aggression will not stand! /s