The media "blowing it again" in last days of election, but "not as badly" as last time


Oh, there would be dozens of small conservative run news sources that would cooperate, but thats no reason for the big papers and tv stations to comply.


Someone tell Sullivan that the corporate media will always make the “same mistakes” since they’re enablers of the GOP.


The media is a business, and they focus on whatever shiny object is in front of them their owners tell them to focus on.


They wouldn’t air it if we didn’t watch it.


Before any Trump story is published, a choice is made by the person who presses the publish button, a choice to be an active part of the 24-hour-a-day Trump coverage machine.


They pay attention to viewership, sure.

But there is a long history of media moguls sacrificing short-term profitability for political purposes.

There’s also the point that, even when the decision to promote right wing crap is short-term profit-driven, it’s still a choice made by the ownership. Shitty media is created by the choices of shitty people, not by an irresistible response to the market.


…dude, the JOKE is that the press helped elect him. It’s well synergized. They are good to him (inadvertently or “woops heee heee no skin off our noses…” made him prez), and, in turn, He is good for the press: Unprecedented money is being thrown to the gatekeepers of the 1%, that too, in a midterm election(!) devoid of issues, solely personality based, and to boot the inhuman sour personality side appears to win.

What democracy? What policy issues? What will change? Same as Nixon, same as McGovern, same as Goldwater, same as …Jackson…

If you read Jane Mayer’s book “Dark Money”, in the front and back covers, she shows a little of the spiders web of hundreds of LLCs and 501c3/501c4 companies formed by the Kochs. Who is to say the Kochs, Mercers, Sacklers, Adelsons, Schwarzmans (he was personally glad handing Trump in the inaugural booth), et al aren’t swinging bolsonaro, and further afield? If they can buy US elections and US media, they can buy overseas cheaper. With whatsapp support to boot! Plenty of fodder to investigate, but…oh i forgot,…that’s not where “profit” lies…better to tell stories from the air conditioned studio. Pay one talking head and done.


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