The science of trolling

All the cool kids with superbowl ads are doing it. Just ask Coca Cola or Goldieblox… What does contrived controversy have to do with their products?

If it’s pretty obvious that the questionnaire is looking for sociopathic, narcissistic tendencies amongst trolls, then the trolls will exaggerate the negative personality traits the study is seeking to find, just to troll the study.

How do the researchers control against that effect?


Who are you to tell me how to live?

Interesting video. He makes some good points.

We need to start to separate trolling behavior from online bullying and harassment. They are very different and have fundamentally different motives.

I don’t think I did. I told you your description fit all the same adjectives; whether you like that or not is on you. Edit: but I do enjoy the irony in your objecting to you being evaluated by someone else.


Trolls are simply lonely narcissists romanticising about their importance.

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… wait … do you really do that?! For real?

When you allow others to affect you emotionally you give them power

sadly he did! The video is attributed to Matt Joyce, but could be a pseudonym


2 mins in he confirms “Openfly”. Wow.

He’s certainly bright.

Oh well.

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I’m retired… or something.

Are you falsely conflating individuals with corporations? Your conclusions might be affected by such a mistake.

TL; DR - a troll is a person who treats others like objects to be destructively Turing tested.


Nobody is telling you what to do. We are telling you that what you describe as fun, is actually ashattery, per science.

Citation: don’t bear false witness.

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Ignoring them, or at least not getting drawn into playing their game, avoids giving them the acknowledgement they’re seeking and they go elsewhere in search of it.

Citation, please?


Do go on.

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You said that ignoring trolls “works so well” and yet you haven’t actually backed that up. In my experience, ignoring them doesn’t actually do much.

No point was missed. You made a claim, and I’m asking you to back that claim up.

Nailed it twice! Eksrae did get it spot on here, though:

IMB: Your initals are gay.

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There are two ways to deal with a troll. Love and compassion, or massive overfeeding.

Just like any other form of emotional vampire.

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