The US workforce is the most productive, best educated in history and unemployment is at an all-time low, but wages are stagnant

The IWW was absolutely right. That’s why they were reviled l, imprisoned, and killed


Perfectly summarized.


Yes, there is that, and/or taking over the means of production.


This is what is known as a “false dichotomy”. This is not an either-or equation; both workers in the developed world and the developing world may prosper. In particular, developing countries do NOT need foreign investment in order to prosper, nor do their workers need American corporations as employers in order to earn a higher wage, this is a total myth. You might consult the writing of Ha-Joon Chang - he describes the history of Korea, which went from one of the poorest nations on Earth to one of the wealthiest in a mere half-century - all without substantial foreign investment.

This equation, of course, is what capitalists WANT us to believe, because they want to sell us on the idea that somehow we need them to prosper - we don’t, at all, anywhere, in the US or China or India.


Don’t forget that hiring managers like to hire workers who seem the most like themselves. What demographic does your hiring manager belong to? That’s who they’ll view most favorably. Just like how old married farts start to look alike, if you sit and watch employees exiting a building, you’ll see a certain sameness to them.

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But wait…I’ve never been ALLOWED to join a union… wrong gender, over-educated, or most usually, I had to be in the job starting back when the company formed.

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Taken a step further, it starts at the top.
I’ve asked people to do this many times, and I’ll do it here.
Pick 20 random companies on the Fortune 500 or from the nasdaq 500, or all the Dow 30 and have a look at the “leadership” page on their respective web sites.


Oh, yeah…we’ve been making fun of that for at least two recessions:


wait. is that sarcasm or a quote from fox news?

well, who do you think educated the workers, made them so productive, and kept their wages low?

that doesn’t just happen by some invisible hand, you know.

wait. who’s being sarcastic now. is it me? i can’t tell.



I’ve lived through 3 so far. Old AF. :slight_smile:
Actually I’m only 52 this year but I’ve been working non stop since 1984. I told my wife when I hit 59 1/2 I’m quitting wherever I am and doing something fun. After a break. 41 years of the corporate grind is enough.


Bingo. And even if the business is required to pay a higher salary to the person hired, that accomplishes nothing for the other 199.

We ought to be thinking about how to create labor shortages, rather than how to put bandaids on labor surpluses.


That’s also easy; Teach children how to be entrepreneurial. If almost everyone can make more than minimum wage by creating their own business, then employers will need to pay a premium to get people to put aside their own ideas and be an employee.

If inflation has been approximately 10% for the last 20 years or so, then you believe that the real value of US GDP is now much less than it used to be. And way less, if you consider per capita. I don’t buy that.

Secondly, the Shadow Stats methodology is very likely to be flawed. If you don’t think so then you have to have an answer for the double counting argument that’s towards the end of this:

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