Things Fitting Perfectly Into Things


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That business with a jar lid fitting into the sink drain drives me crazy when I’m doing the dishes.

I predict this site will instill one of three reactions in people, depending on their level of OCD:

  • Bewilderment
  • A soothing sense of peace
  • A mild orgasm

Nice. Ain’t seen a bonsai cat for years. What nutrient system are you using?


Interestingly, that one is actually a cat in a jar!

Ironic that the dailymail wrote an article about it in 2011 and then got fooled by photoshop* in 2014:

They make a deal about the Taiwanese woman who put her cat in a jar, then show some obviously photoshopped pictures of cats in jars, instead of the actual damn ones. How is that publication even a thing any more?

*may be desperate attempt to drive clicks

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