This $25 bidet is amazing


Ah, sorry, by ‘temper tank’ I mean basically just a tin can – an uninsulated reservoir where the water can sit and rise to room temperature before being used. My home bidet accomplishes this by having a super long feedline coiled up between the wall and the toilet. The $30 solution would be to add a T joint connected to something like this:

Extra plumbing, but no wiring.


Okay. I have questions. So you do your business, and then spray off and what? Air dry? My American upbringing did not prepare me for this. I need answers.


Yes you do. If Jesus can turn water into wine, he can certainly turn black water into potable water.


Or have I been using those wrong? There seems to be a guide as to where to sit…


I think you may have just won the thread.
I laughed.
A lot.


If you have a $25 bidet, you pat dry with a little square of toilet paper. If you have a $500 bidet, it has an air-blower.

If you have a $5000 bidet…


That’s where I’m going wrong - I assumed they were self-cleaning urinals!


Ahhhhhhh! I see.


Au contraire! I’d say there’s nothing good to be said about rubbing your hand down there, even with some toilet paper in it. Compared to using water toilet paper is downright dirty.

I have this unit as well as the fancy Toto Japanese toilet that warms the water first, and I expected to hate this, but hey for $22 it was worth a shot. Its installed in a cold environment, and even then I don’t particularly mind the cold water. Hell, its refreshing. Granted I prefer the warm water of my Toto, but it’s about 30 times the price at $650.

Conclusion: get a fancy Japanese toilet if you can, you won’t regret it. If you don’t want to drop that kind of $$ or just want to test the waters first (heh), get this one.

Fair warning though, the water pressure on it is off the charts strong, so be careful when you turn that dial up. I like to tell people to fire a “warning shot” first and increase the pressure slowly.


That bidet needs more Assault Trombone!


Mine has the air blower, but no one ever uses it. A little pat dry works fine. We call it the “victory wipe”.


In Soviet Trumpia, toilet pees on you!


Given how much TP those of us with a hairy crack can go through sometimes, I’m kind of amazed that bidets aren’t a thing in so many parts of the world… They’re pretty much unheard of here in Oz.

I might have to get on this bandwagon.


One of us! One of us! One of us!

To be honest I think it would be hard to learn the joys of this method of ass wipery with this bidet, since it takes a bit of finesse to get right. You really have to turn the dial slowly to avoid getting blasted, and it takes very very little pressure to do the job. Get the Toto toilet if you have $500 that you want to flush down the toilet, I have the Toto E200 but I gather that model has been replaced. They’re all awesome, and they’re all surprisingly durable (I was sold when I saw them in Narita Airport in Tokyo), mine is 5 years old and still going as strong as the day I bought it. Or just get the $25 bidet and go use a proper Japanese toilet a couple of times to get the hang of it and then spend the other $475 on sushi.


My gods, yes. The first time I used one (and didn’t know how high the pressure is by default) it was certainly eye opening. I swear a little water came out of my nose…


That’s a very good idea!


Damn you! I just HAD to fucking order this. It had better be good :slight_smile:


But is the better solution bidets… or waxing?


Meh, I just use a modified Swiffer WetJet.


Do explain what the heck that is…[not that it matters much as I’ve already taken the plunge]