This Samsung Wireless Charging Stand was $69, but is now just $29

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I’m not really grasping how these charging stands are any better than just plugging your phone in.


Is it compatible with my Galaxy Note 7?

It’s as convenient as it is less efficient, and it’s plenty less efficient!


There’s a subset of people who are not careful about plugging them in and so they routinely damage the USB connector or the charging cable. My wife is one of them. She’s hell on phones. Just laying the phone on the charger is a fine solution even if it has to be properly positioned. The wireless charging stand makes her life much easier.


Counterpoint - This one from Seneo is cheaper, better-looking, slimmer, and doesn’t contain the Samsung branding:

Not better, just different. It allows for one to more casually place the phone on the charger and pick it up again for use, by dispensing with the need to plug/unplug. Less wear on the micro-USB port. And this particular angled type (in contrast to the horizontal charging pads) allows for easier passive or active use while “docked.”


That’s very misleading wording; it implies that Qi is a Samsung innovation, one that Samsung has a patent on. In fact, it’s an interface standard.

Now, Samsung might have done something special to their implementation of Qi (which could be patented), but without mentioning what the “something special” that deserves a patent is, it adds nothing other than to be misleading.


No need to blame users for the under-engineered micro USB ports on phones that, after the glass screens, are a primary point of failure. The ports are not sturdy enough for the daily use required of them.

Does this blowup as well? Just curious


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