This #vanlife is not all it is cracked up to be

Fuck the elephant.

The new AeroPress Go looks to be more conveniently self containing and compact.


No coolant leak. Probably had the nose of the car pointed up a big hill on a hot day and some air bubbles escaped the massive plumbing system. All battery terminals cleaned and tightened down.

V-belt changed. la vida #vanlife.


It continues to utterly amaze me that people desire these unreliable, awkward vans so much.

Power steering and coolant? What strange words you speak. Fancy new-fangled gadgets and gizmos bound to break down. Get yourself a proper microbus.

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Makes for better theater if the clutch somehow doesn’t go back into neutral once the engine turns over, perhaps? Manual transmissions can be very dramatic/comedic at times. It’s just in their nature.

No idea how Jason became Mark… your “I couldn’t make it up a hill and spent my vacation fixing my van so I could limp home” post had me selling it within a week. Seriously, thanks.

That was a blocked fuel injector and then injector cleaner killing the o2 sensor and catalytic converter.

Oh the joy.

Honestly, with the passing of Nemo I am not sure I need to deal with this any more. That said. It’d be heartbreaking to sell.

Seems like electric vans will be a game changer.

Battery post shims FTW!


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