This woman remembers every detail from her life since she was 12 days old

We’re all mispronouncing eta.

Well, these days a neural network usually refers to an artificial neural network, so named because of very superficial similarities to neuronal networks that inspired early AI pioneers in the 60’s, especially Marvin Minsky who was inspired by Hebbian theory to incorporate weighted connections. This is sort of like saying combustion and cellular respiration are chemically related. It’s not actually wrong, but wow is it ever a misconception.


You’d think intelligence agencies would snap these people up and employ them as spies.

“No wires, he’s totally clean. I tossed his apartment too, no electronics of any kind.”


(LATER, AT THE SAFE HOUSE) " …so then the other one said… "


Off topic: not this Australian. Supposedly it depends on the school you went to. Haitch if a Catholic school, aitch if not. Or something like that.

i don’t have quite that condition but i do have an unusual memory. i have around 4 or 5 functional memories for the period from birth to 1 year old, the strongest is for my first birthday party. one aspect of that memory has to do with a feeling of attachment to a 2 year-old cousin who was there and wanting to be close to her. the memory was not in words as such but was in feelings of affinity and longing which my older self describes as “wanting to be close to her.” i wonder if that thought of “what is that” might be a similar process of an older self interpreting in words what was experienced as emotions at the time.


Maybe the absolute opposite?
Also, how does she not just go mad? All those good and bad memories, in detail, forever. Sounds like Hell.


but you still say zed not zee ?

This sounds like something that comes of upsetting the wrong side of the Hellenic pantheon.


I’ve always had a very good memory. I wouldn’t call it photographic per se, nor do I claim to have HSAM, but both my brother and I — well, we’ve learned over the years that our memories don’t work like a lot of other people’s. Other folks have commented on my memory of events for my entire life.

The way I’d describe it is that I can kind of “dive into” a lot of memories, even very, very old ones, and really feel like I am there. Sort of holodeck-like. Now, it’s HARDLY a day-by-day recall of my life, not even close. But still, it’s pretty deep. I remember very specific incidents quite well from preschool, kindergarten, first grade, on up. I’m 40 now.

I enjoy it. It gives me a very unique perspective from what I can tell, one that very much has shaped my overall views and philosophies. As some may have seen in my posts, I am quite keen on nondualism, and feel I understand this very beautiful way of looking at things partially because I have so many of my life’s experiences, and accompanying perspectives I had at the time, to draw from at pretty much any moment.

It hardly seems to be a popular view in general, and maybe especially here on bb, but I strongly believe that consciousness gives rise to material reality, and not the other way around. Thankfully, legitimate philosophers and even physicists are coming around to the idea that the fundamental nature of reality is informational, not material. The way I experience memory (among some other “unique” mental processes, like being in very direct communication with my “higher self”) has greatly contributed to this. I’m very thankful for it, because I joyously get to experience this amazing school/art project/adventure tourism package we call Life on Earth.

If anybody has any questions about my memory, feel free to ask.


Marilu Henner, one of the stars of Taxi.

New Zealanders say zed.

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I suspect we could all access our HSAM, aka “photographic” or eidetic memory if, at will, we could re-create the conditions that exist when we lay down to sleep and our regrets surface. :smile:

I think it might be that in such a case they didn’t have a conceptual framework for thinking that but they could experience the feeling of ‘what is that’ and later on when they develop the conceptual framework they fill in the words for the feeling.

I have an experience from when I was 6 or 7 which I remember ending with me thinking ‘how did I get saddled with these incompetents as parents’ which I doubt was actually thought with those specific words - especially as I didn’t know English at the time, but I don’t doubt that these words describe the feelings I had.


This would be really a blessing but a nightmare at the same time according to my view. (may be i am wrong)

Not universally.

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You mean… She remembers every single meal she had during her life ? Sounds like a living instagram to me ! More seriously, this is litterature :

Very much the same here. I have many strong emotional memories as far back as two or three years old, and can describe in general detail how things appeared at the time, yet I can’t access memories from the previous day’s cram session on the day of an exam.
Incidentally, that general visual memory is what helped me locate the house we lived in when I was about two or three upon returning to that city twenty years later.


This is interesting. What I remember from pre-K activities were all strong emotional and sensory experiences. I’ve always been curious and loved music, so I can recall all the silly songs we were taught as well as kids’ rhymes/tunes learned playing with friends. My first college roommate was from Colombia and we found common ground with some of those rhymes, which I hadn’t used or thought about in fifteen years.

I remember what I’ve read as images of words on a page. To remember cram session notes, I just had to think of where I read or wrote something, “see” it, and read it again mentally to recall what I needed. That worked very well with text-based exams or poetry recitation, but not for formulas (physics, chemistry, calculus).

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A better question for a 12-day-old baby to ask: “What is everything?”

I see written passages as if on a page, also. As for math, I’m blocked.

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