TIL that CEO Ellen Pao is out at Reddit, and co-founder Steve Huffman is taking over



Alas, this isn’t true.

Someone had posted something unacceptable directed at sexycyborg, and it had been left up unnoticed by the moderator for several hours overnight. It was removed after it was brought to their attention. When it was removed, subsequent interactions – including sexycyborg’s responses to the initial post – were removed with it. (This is a default behavior of comment deletion in Discourse forums, though I’m not actually sure if the moderator deleted them automatically or manually)

In any case, Sexycyborg asked for her replies to be reinstated, and they were, immediately upon request.

You are more than welcome to publicize this, sexycyborg! You have my permission to publish anything I sent you in private messaging.


Alas, this isn’t true.

Not true that you were embarrassed? Okay can’t tell what you were feeling. and probably true it did not really bother you.

You would agree the the actual events are true as written yes?

You are more than welcome to publicize it.

Ok. Just want make sure we both agree on facts. Obviously expect to be dismissed here so can bring up problem elsewhere.


So somebody who openly admits to belonging to, and defending a hate group dedicated to spreading lies, harassment, and ruining the lives of others is outright spreading false information about events, and refusing to accept corrections?

How am I not surprised?


Oh look ‘you can’t sit with us’ silent treatment and slander. :smile:

We grow out of that in middle school.

That’s problem. Have chance to change mind. Chance to have ally but busy playing little girl games.


Looking back at the thread you’re referring to ( DIY Underlit LED Skirt ) it seems that many posters were quick to support you.

! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt
! DIY Underlit LED Skirt

Granted, sarcasm, in-jokes and bizarre references are commonplace here and can place a burden on foreign-language readers. But I believe your work is a wonderful thing for most of us, even if some of our readers find it problematic.

Moreover, the person with whom you had a negative interaction apologized for their part in it.

A couple of other hostile or off-topic comments were removed from that thread too, perhaps before you and other commenters noticed them.

I’m glad that KIA’s mods were on-the-ball in their thread. They do their best with a group given to overstatement.


Good point. Ok. I withdraw complaint.

Yes. Just my experience. May have other problems. But I don’t think they are beyond reason if patient.


Grumble grumble…
The revolt at Reddit has little to do with Pao. She is a scapegoat, and is being unfairly railroaded.

Do CEOs make firing decisions on directors? Not in a vacuum. 10:1 the decision was from one of her veeps that she trusts, and supported out of trust.

Do CEOs make product feature decisions? Not in a vacuum. 50:1 a veep or senior director make a forecast and feature roadmap, and she supported out of trust.

Do exiting CEOs get all their life’s wishes out of a ‘golden parachute’ that is pessimisticly assumed to be their plan? 100:1, NO!! If you are a 40ish CEO, your plan isn’t a retirement package, it’s a Forbes list!!


I missed that thread. In the risk of being offtopic, couple notes.

First and foremost, excellent work.

For removability of the electronics, what about using a velcro strip glued to the back of the LED strip? I successfully use it for holding fans to a shirt.

I found that hot-melt adhesive worked poorly with the velcro, and epoxy was much better to attach it to metal. If the plastic sleeve on the LEDs is a polyolefin, these are a royal bitch to glue and some trick would have to be figured out (plasma etching of the plastic? some mechanical assembly, e.g. threading the strip through loops attached to the velcro?)

For power supply, there are off-the-shelf power banks with car-battery charging feature. These have direct 12V output, and have integrated charger circuitry and USB power for other smaller stuff. You can have two, one on charger, one in-use.

Another option is going 5V and using a boost converter for the LEDs. (How much does the thing eat? A rough guess from the quoted 2Ah/12V for 3-5 hours it is 0.4 to 0.7 amps, which would equal 1.2 to 2.1 amps at 5V or 1.6 to 2.8 amps at 3.7V. Not flimsy, but not unachievable with ebay-sourceable boost converter modules.)

The 3.7/5V version (go with both voltages, so you can swap the bat pack for an off the shelf power bank if needed) would have a logistical and maybe price advantage of being able to use 18650 Li-ion cells sourced from e.g. dead laptop batteries (often only one pair of three dies - voila, instant 8 to 10 amp-hours of 3.7V juice). Charging can be done with a TP4056 module, also off eBay. There are also variants of the module, which you may prefer, which also integrate the battery protection circuit. You can easily couple the battery and the charger/protection together into one pack, and have a few. This gives you a smaller, lighter battery more friendly to a wearable device, and ability to use one while charging the others from any microUSB cellphone charger.
An example of the charger with protection is here:

(There are probably cheaper sources, this was a very quick lookup. Note the two smaller chips in addition to the SOIC8.)
Or you can use a separate battery protection module (either off eBay or salvaged from e.g. a dead cellphone battery, you can match beefier battery to weaker protection safely, vice versa not so) and a cheap TP4056 module, they go for less than $1.
Such power modules could be something to standardize on to reuse between various creations.

(Another trick: use two battery sockets, and diodes. Then you can swap in a new battery and then take out the old one, without interrupting the current. Yet another potential trick is to use a backup battery for powering the “brain” that can keep it running for a minute or two until batteries are changed, and power-down only the high-power part of the design.)

Just a few random thoughts instead of sleep. It’s too late it’s early…


Yes. Pretty off topic. But glad you like it.

Project is very simple Open Source framework for women with no electronics experience (sewing machine and hot glue gun ladies) to add remote LED to clothing. The point is lowest possible barrier to entry and off-the-shelf hardware. No code. Optional soldering.

Like many suggested changes this are very interesting. But does not make it easier or more accessible to women with no electronics background who might not feel comfortable in Maker workshop environment. so is not part of this projects goal. Yes many many ways to make more complicated. That’s easy to do. Making it easier. less intimidating with off the shelf parts is challenge. So far good response from Cosplay ladies (with running ‘if that girl can do it how hard can it be?’ joke). They will probably fork first. If you have any ideas to make more simple. while preserve light output and time can PM.

Sorry for thread hijack.


Well, I just added the 11th like to your post, so now you’re currently tied. I liked your post because of the intelligent, well-informed nuance you added to the conversation for most of your post until your unfortunate last paragraph (quoted above) which I think contains obvious straw man arguments.

I also liked the previous post you responded to because I tend to agree with the overall frustration with Reddit perhaps cowing to a vicious segment of Reddit and I didn’t really take the content too literally beyond that. I didn’t think the true intentions behind @dragonchild12’s post was to say that literally every, single person who was against Pao was a filthy human. I could see why someone might see it that way, but I just didn’t take it literally that way myself.

The truth of the matter, we really don’t know a lot of the facts, however, the infantile gloating from GG, etc. over Pao’s resignation is annoying and I agree with the sentiment that most of those who despised her at Reddit and now celebrate her resignation were piles of steamy shits that were/are helping to destroy discourse at Reddit overall.

this near-wholesale reddit rebellion

Only a small percentage of Reddit users, actually. They were very vociferous and disruptive in order to acquire a lot of media attention that made it only appear they were in “near-wholesale” numbers at Reddit.

Kind of like how AMAs tend to go…

There are 36 million user accounts. The rebellion wasn’t even a tiny fraction of that even if one is to consider only active users.

Go look at the upvote numbers at Reddit. They were only in the thousands, not in the hundreds of thousands or even just the mere tens of thousands. A “near-wholesale” revolt should have been in the tens of millions or at least in the millions, or perhaps the hundreds of thousands or even maybe tens of thousands.

And, if the third party petition demanding that Pao be fired and had over 100,000 “votes” wasn’t loaded up with repeat voters, then why didn’t any of the Reddit downvotes and upvotes number anywhere close to that range?

Because, like I said, it was just a small percentage of Redditors overall. Loud, vocal and disruptive? Yes. A “near-wholesale” revolt? No.

The brigading loud mouths shouted down a lot of average Reddit users like ususal. That’s not to say there weren’t people like you that joined in and had good intentions, but I honestly think people like you were in the minority of those upvote/downvote brigades and seething hatred shown for Pao.

I respect and agree with some of your opinions in your post when it comes to the mod/admin issues, but those problems devolved before Pao got there for the most part. I think she was used as a punching bag overall and this “rebellion” may actually divert from a lot of severe problems that go far beyond mod/admin issues and how they interrelate and communicate with one another.

You do a good job of bashing Pao (and I agree with some of what you said), but she has another side to the story:

Reddit chief Ellen Pao resigns after receiving ‘sickening’ abuse from users



The replies from @sexycyborg were deleted automatically as they were replies to posts that were not cool and those needed to go. I did object to the behavior and even sent a PM to @sexycyborg agreeing that the behavior wasn’t cool and appreciated her comments here.


Hey, my offer for us to get some waffles some time still stands!

I do not lightly joke about delicious breakfast desert-meals, they are kind of the only reason to get up before noon on the weekends…



Oh IIIIIII seeeeeeee. Reddit is a hate group?

Wow. That is an interesting opinion.


That’s a pretty interesting reading of me referring to a specific subreddit KiA, which absolutely is a hate group dedicated to harassment. Did you hurt your back twisting to get to that reading?


Wow bro. You call other people hateful, and then isult someone for even trying to understand you?

Did I ask you “Reddit is a hate group?” OR did I ask you if “you strained any muscles posturing”?

I asked the former, you apparently read the latter.

The ‘hateful people on the internet’ issue… i think you (your approach, your false assertions of other peoples positions, and your quickness to insult and demean) are more a part of the problem than a part of the solution.

Insulting is fine. Making up enemies to insult, that is not so… useful. Although I recall righteousness is, in the end, it’s own reward. Righteousness is not… a community building tool.


If you wanted to ask an honest question about my opinion to clarify, you should have done so. You shouldn’t have asked it rhetorically and sarcastically, and then commented on what you thought my opinion was. Don’t go pretending you meant that as an honest question. You have constantly been trolling across several threads, and even told to leave me alone by a moderator, but apparently you have no desire to stop being an ass.

What enemies am I making up, here? In what ways am I not being honest?


You shouldn’t have read it sarcastically and as rhetoric. But AGAIN you label my intent. That is your lie.

There is a vast difference between me saying ‘I believe this is your opinion, am I correct, because that would be an interesting opinion.’

And you saying “someone IS a hateful member of a hate group”

But maybe they’re the same to you? Maybe aggressive and assertive are things you don’t know the difference between?

It might be illuminating to google aggressive v. assertive communication.

tl;dr (assertive = “I am”; aggressive “you are”)


You honestly don’t see how someone could maybe read this as sarcastic? Really?