Today's mass shooting


Cornyn, a trusted ally with an A-plus rating from the National Rifle negotiation, to serve as the lead Republican negotiator.

It’s the very least they could do before taking off for their Summer vacations.


So we still haven’t closed the gun show loophole? WTF!?!


Parking Lot Gun Sales = gQp Entrepreneur

Interesting fun fact:

Who Is Policing Illegal Gun Sales?

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is tasked with policing gun sales across the country.

Chipman, the retired ATF agent, spent part of his career investigating firearm trafficking at gun shows and elsewhere. He said the agency sometimes has undercover agents at gun shows, but usually only in response to a specific tip.

“Rarely, if ever, did we do ‘fishing expeditions,’” he said. “I think the public doesn’t understand how small ATF is. ATF has 2,600 special agents … I think the Capitol Police Department here in [Washington, D.C.] has 2,200 sworn officers.” -

That’s 2,200 officers for the Capitol grounds and the DC Mall. ATF’s 2,600 agents for an entire country is laughable.



Increased access to mental health services is a good thing for other reasons, but it’s very unlikely to stop many shootings, if any. Most shooters are never diagnosed with metal illnesses and wouldn’t seek treatment even when it’s convenient and free. The shooter in Sandy Hook was a rare individual who did have diagnosed mental disabilities but he came from a wealthy family and had no problem accessing services.

Many mental health experts readily admit that we just don’t know how to “fix” people who might go on to commit this type of violence. Reducing the opportunities by limiting access to guns to the public at large is the most effective way to stop this stuff.


I am not surprised. To me as an outsider the gun show loophole seems like an especially difficult problem that will hamstring all gun control measures for the foreseeable future. Literal gun shows would be easy enough, but for regulation to have any teeth you would need to cover all kinds of currently unregulated transfers. Imagine daddy gun owner passing his old .22 rifle on to junior without involving any authorities. I would suspect that not just most pro-gun advocates but also many people in the US without strong feelings on the matter would consider this a natural if not positively wholesome thing to do. Here in Germany both would face years in prison even if they would be clear for an official purchase. I think it would be really difficult to get any current Republican to vote for that. But any gaps in gun control will mean that at the end of the day people who want guns they shouldn’t have will find a way.


It doesn’t even matter if they’re diagnosed. They have to be diagnosed connected to a court case of wrongdoing. The government doesn’t have the right to just pull my therapists conversations with me to see if I might be a danger. They have to have a reason, and then they can pull it. And you’re not going to see therapists or doctors violating their patients confidentiality unless they’re absolutely certain.

If you can’t voice your violent ideations and thoughts, even of self-harm, with your therapist or counselor because they’ll turn you over to the violence of the police, thats a problem. It means you can’t trust the very people who would help you the most in overcoming those thoughts or coping with them.


“Just wing it Miss Johnson!”


I don’t want to see anyone around 40 yelling, sugar buzzing 10 year olds with a gun.

That’s like storing your jerry can of gas near the furnace.


Police say 2 dead, 1 injured in shooting at Alabama church


Wow, that hits close to home. I used to live less than 5 miles from there.


In response to what Paxton said today.


Am I violating the community guidelines if I say that I hope Ken is right in his own case?


You are already wrong. His has gone on far too long.


local authorities fear that some of the material could have “highly embarrassing information” related to the police response [and] releasing materials such as police training guides and policy manuals could reveal “methods, techniques, and strategies for preventing and predicting crime.”

i think they’ve proven they’re already worse than an embarrassment, and that they have no such methods or training. so how much could there be to hide?

i know people are out there saying this likely means they shot kids. i also wonder about how much they’ve been grifting. fat bank accounts, all expense paid vacations, friends and family hired as “consultants” all while the department played make believe and dress up

oto, maybe they have a note sent by the shooter with the date and time all spelled out well in advance


“The ATF report said agents found 86 firearms in Smith’s possession compared to 97 on his official dealer’s record. Smith failed to record the disposition of some firearms, the report said. He also failed to record the address of gun buyers, the report said.“

Good guy with a chair.

“Jim Musgrove, a church member, hit the shooter with a chair and wrestled the gun away from him, Carpenter said. Police called Musgrove a “hero” by police for “saving lives” at the church.“


i would like to see every school teacher equipped with adequate seating from this day forward. ( that’s how this works republicans, right? )

( it also occurs to me that jesus was a carpenter, not a gun smith. coincidence? :thinking: )


Jesus, Texas is becoming a shit show.