🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭



Oh, I’m fucking listening.


Isn’t the internet great? This is a childhood memory: having a delicious “white hot with sauce” at a place in Western New York. I never knew ’til now, it’s called LeFrois sauce, and that it’s made with tomatoes and cucumbers!!


What else are you going to put them on. Some sort of ketchup bearing sausage. Like a monster.


Ketchup. Ketchup, ketchup, ketchup.

I’m eating ketchup right now. On a hot open-face sandwich consisting of whole-wheat cinnamon-raisin bread covered with yellow-split-pea dahl, and anointed with delicious, delicious ketchup.

If it was a hotdog, it would have ketchup on it.


Does anyone else put brown sauce on hotdogs?


What is brown sauce? Is that like brown gravy?


Ermm… thick like ketchup, sharp and sour and tangy. Not BBQ sauce though. Usually found on bacon sarnies.Something not entirely unlike steak sauce, I think? HP or Daddies are the most well-known brands.

Wiki might help. Really difficult to describe brown sauce.


Oooooh. I haven’t but I might now, that sounds like it would be good.


I was going to say–except for the tomatoes, having tamarind and anchovies makes it sound something like Worcestershire sauce–and indeed, your Wiki link says it can taste similar to it. (Though Worcestershire sauce would have onion and garlic…so maybe stronger flavor?)


Yeah, Worcestershire sauce would be a cousin. Not the same, but definitely related.


Sounds like it contains ketchup. The tamarind bit is a good start, but it goes wrong fast.


God yes, I’m addicted to HP. I’ll put it on a dog and wrap it up in a grilled tortilla.


But it’s brown!! Ketchup is red!!



So is blood, but blood is still more suitable for hot dogs than ketchup will ever be.


I eat my French fries with HP sauce all the time… The only other thing that I have used it on is Scotch pies.


Now that’s something I haven’t had in a dogs age. A pie you can write your name with as you eat it.


Only if you insist on optional refrigeration.


Had this on my burger tonight (along with American cheese and a fried egg. And mayo):

Father’s day present.