🍅 Hate the Chef, love the Condiments 🌭


Where milk is plentiful, gov'mint cheese is real, somewhat unaged cheese rather than processed-cheese-food-product.







Do you really want to get into a black pudding throwdown?

Walk. Away.


Going for a walk now.



Those SoCal fruit cleanses aren't joking around!

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

Ketchup does not go with hot dogs at all, never has, never will. Might as well tell me that you put maple syrup on your eggs and pineapple on your pizza.


Wait til you see this!


Pineapple and pizza have belonged together since the very beginning! Next you'll be telling me that popcorn in movie theaters is weird.


Pineapple & anchovy pizza FTW.


Nope, those things are objectively terrible, though plenty of misguided souls seek them out. But ketchup is great on a hot dog. Go to any weiner stand in any ballpark worthy of the name. The ketchup jug is no smaller than the mustard one.


To be fair, they also sell french fries at the ball park.


does this mean the mayo jug is as large as the two others?


One would hope!


Pfft. There are maybe six wee mayo packets (expired months ago) hidden behind the ketchup jug for youse people.


I'd given you a like except...anchovies. Blech!

Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? I give likes to everyone for a lot less.


We always have pineapple with pepperoni! Yum.